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Hi all, could anyone tell me where I might find natural deccicated thyroid medication? Is it prescription only?

My doctor, like most, isn't very forthcoming when I ask for anything relating to my thyroid. When I asked for my T3 levels to be checked she rolled her eyes!

According to my doctor my T4 and T3 levels are within the normal range, but I'm still experiencing symptoms, namely hair loss, irritability, brain fog and difficulty losing weight. I thought I could try NDT to see if it makes a difference.

Also does anyone have any tips for losing weight with hypothyroidism? I've always struggled but managed keep the weight off with a very low calorie diet however I'm really struggling after the birth of my second child.

I'm currently having meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch then a normal dinner, combined with a 45 minutes of HIT training 5-6 times a week but the scales won't budge :-(

Thanks in advance.

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Can you post blood results of your last blood test with ranges? If you don't have them, just ring your GP secretary and they should print them out for you. And someone here would be happy to help. NDT is prescription only, some GP'S are reluctant in giving u a prescription, as some GP'S opinions differ, regarding NDT!! Do you see an Endo? Maybe ask them, if your GP doesn't help you?

The biggest problem is finding a doctor who will prescribe NDT. You might want to go to your local pharmacy or chemist and ask which doctor in your area will prescribe NDT. Having got the 'script you can then buy NDT from anywhere in the world.

Thank you, I have my TSH levels but not the T3, I'll ask the surgery to print them for me.

I have sourced Thiroyd NDT from Thailand via the Internet (from huge UK Internet retailer). Cost around £40 for 1000 grains which will last me around 18 months. No prescription needed. Has been a godsend for me and not too expensive.

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But is it the proper tablets and not fake ones? I have heard so much about getting them like that. How long have you been on them? And have you been back to the hospital for checkups since you started taking them?

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I have been taking them for 3 months and feel so much better. Blood tests due soon so will see what happens. A leap of faith so not for everyone I understand. Good luck.

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Hi Jangee, thank you would you PM me the URL if it's not too much bother?

Jangee Would you please private message me the place where you source your tablets on the Internet? Thank you ever so much!

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Jangee, I bought the same, but on 1 grain it has made no difference to my bloods, I'm starting to think its fake. Has it made a difference to your blood results?

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Hi yes I'm on 2 grains and my tsh was 0.7 at last blood test, so it is working for me 😊

I get a private prescription for ndt from my GP after going to a private endo and then having the ndt 'signed off' by an NHS endo. If you want to buy without a prescription post asking to be pm'd with supply details.

Ndt changed my life. It mopped up all remaining symptoms and helped to lose weight. But, it's taking time. A high protein low carb diet is better for hypo and restricting calories will depress your metabolism further

Yes I think a low carb diet is the next step. I've always avoided Atkins type diets as I think they are unsustainable (for me anyway) but I'm coming round to the idea! Thanks.

I see you've had some good advice re NDT. I've been in it for a couple of months through an endo as GPuseless! Have energy and brain fog lifting :)

You need your thyroid antibodies checked as if you have Hashimotos thyroditis like a lot of us you will need to be gluton free. I cut gluton and dairy and lost s stone in 3 weeks.

I think NDT and gluton free will make a massive difference.

Hi Katepots, my last set of bloods should have included an antibodies test but when I asked the receptionist she said they had no results for that. Guess I'll have to ask for yet another blood test!

I am convinced I have hashimotos as a year or so ago I had an ultrasound scan of my neck for something unrelated and it was discovered I have thyroiditis but because I was already on levothyroxine they didn't follow it up.

Gluton free should make a world of difference then and cut down on dairy.

Good luck!

I'm going to start juiceplus next week which is gluten and dairy free. Fingers crossed I'll see some results!

No disrespect intended to those advocating juices, but you cannot have a low carb diet and drink fruit juice. Fruit juice has to be treated like cake. Fruits have high fructose (sugar) content and can contribute to the formation of fat and to diabetes in those who are susceptible and unable to easily deal with sugars - which is many who have Hashimotos. See Dr Lustig's programs on youtube for info on fructose.

Thanks for responding, I have to be especially careful with sugars as I have impaired glucose tolerance. Juice Plus is actually shakes and supplements (not even sure why it's called Juice plus!) it is carb free initially then gluten and dairy free which is ideal for me right now.

Dr Liam Chapman at Hendon in London will give private prescriptions. I found NDT made a huge difference and helped with weight loss. But I also eliminated grains (all grain not just wheat) dairy and sugar, so no alcohol. Feeling great now!

The same thing with me Jacjacjac0_5, only difference was, I was in the gym 4 days a week doing 2 to 2.5 hrs a day. 25-30 mins on the Stair mill, 30-60 mins in the weight room about 60 mins doing Kettlebell, squats, hip and stomach work. But what I found that was shifting the weight was the Stairmill & Kettlebell. It was slow, I lost 4kgs in 4 months, body started to shape up really nice, butt lifted etc. But I stopped for a rest for 2 weeks, then thought i'd rest for another 2 weeks & blam, my stomach blotted back up & I got dishearted. But now that I found out that it is the Levo that has me blotted, I am waiting till I get off it & on to Armour or NDT, before I start back all that work again. I am on 125 mcg of Levo and my Endo Dr made me go back on Levo after I refused to take it for over 17 days. He said that to change to the tablets I want, I would have to take 1.5 grains. So my GP stated that he needs to wait for the letter from them 1st before deciding what to do. It is a long and hard struggle, to make these people understand how you feel, day in and day out and to get what you want.

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It's so frustrating working so hard with no results. I'm convinced everybody things I'm just lazy and that I eat too much. In reality I eat less than pretty much everyone I know.

The silly thing is my thyroid function can't be too bad as I only take the minimum dose of thyroxine (25mcg) so I don't know why I'm struggling so much.

Can you tell me if its even possible for me to take such a small dose of NDT? If you were taking 190mcg of Levo and only have 1.5 grains of NDT I'll need a fraction of the amount! Thanks again.

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No Jacjacjac0-5, not 190 mcg, 125 mcg of Levo. I have worked out that it would cost me around £500 per year to switch to Armour. But before I can switch, I need to find who sells it in England. So I am going to try taking a little bit of T3, to see if that will help. I have got up today in a mood for no apparent reason. I can't go on like this. Because of the big stomach, I won't go out socialising, have a lot of muscle and back pain. I am really fed up, but have to try and get it sorted.

Such a low dose is probably making you worse. it's just enough to stop your own thyroid doing much work, but not enough to replace it. It's a starter dose for the elderly and infirm or those with heart disease.

Please post your TSH. Free t4 and free T3 results so someone can advise whether you are on enough meds. it's very unlikely that you are, as you still have symptoms.

Hi this is all I got.

2.7 TSH on 14.06.16. On 12.05.16 free T3 level 3.9, T4 18.3. But I had stop taking Levo from 08.06.16 to 26.06.17

Need ranges to be able to tell what is going on - not much use without. Your TSH shows you are still undermedicated whatever.

But in most ranges your Free T3 would be at the bottom, which is why you feel bad. As free T4 was probably OK, it means you are not converting well. You need to know your B12, folate, ferritin and D3 levels, as poor levels mean you can't convert well. You might have the DIO2 gene problem which mean you'll never convert well, in which case you need T3.

Wow! So do you think I should take T3 as well as staying on 125 mcg or up the dosage of Levo as well, before trying to get Armour. Also will they prescribe T3 or do I get that myself and if so how much T3 would I need?

I'd try and optimise B12 etc first to see if that helps with conversion. If it doesn't then add 5mcg t3 - which you'll probably have to buy yourself as it is very hard to get it prescribed in the UK (or you could try NDT, but free levo plus T3 is probably cheaper)

Thank you Angel, I will let u know how I get on with the GP.

Can someone pm me where to get natural armour thyroid supplements? Thx

If the doctor won't test your Free t3 how does she know it is "normal". Also the ranges are too broad for good health - you need to have both Free t4 and Free t3 in the upper quarter of the range, not just "anywhere in it", or at least at a level where you no longer have symptoms.

HIT and dieting will make you fatter if your free T3 isn't near the top of the range, as dieting stops conversion of T4 to T3 and strenuous exercise uses up T3. T3 is what runs your metabolism. It's a shame most GPs don't seem to know that. What the scales show isn't important - body fat percentage is.

Thanks for your very informative response. I've only recently decided to take my health into my own hands so I appreciate any information I can get. Although I have to say the difference of opinions on this forum can be a little a little confusing!

My doctor reluctantly tested my T3 on request but I was told by the doctors receptionist that my t3, ferritin and b12 levels are normal. Once I get a copy of my blood results I'll post them here.

I also asked for the antibodies test to find out whether I have hashimotos or not but it looks like my doctor didn't order them.

In the meantime I'm going go gluten free to see if that makes a difference and do some more reading about NDT.

If I do get NDT without prescription (somehow!) how do I determine how much to take? And am I right in thinking NDT contains T3 as well as T4?

Thanks again.

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