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Levo v NDT

Hello! I suffer with hypothyroid due to hypopituitary (also causing adrenal insufficiency). My hydrocortisone levels are fine, so I'm taking only what my adrenals need. My consultant tells me my thyroid levels are normal (?what they're though). However, I'm still putting on weight 😢 Started slimming world last Saturday, kept to plan, exercised (treadmill walk/jog/run & Zumba) & only lost 0.5lb. I'm feeling devastated & am researching possible causes of inability to loose weight. I lost weight this time last year fine, until my thyroid went pear shaped them it piled on. I take 75mg of Levo but an reading about NDT. Is anyone on it? Did your GP/consultant prescribe it willingly? Has your body/thyroid simtpmd improved on it?

Many thanks 🤗

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You lost weight last year "until my thyroid went pear shaped then it piled on" - there you have it.

You need to find out what your thyroid tests results are, with their reference ranges. You could be under medicated and you won't lose weight if you are so no amount of dieting or exercise will help until you are optimally medicated. Also, excessive exercise depletes T3, and FT3 needs to be optimal for weight loss to happen.

It's your legal right to have your test results under the Data Protection Act. You could ask your surgery if the results have been sent through to them, or ring the consultant's secretary and find out what they are. You must have the reference ranges too. You really need TSH, FT4 and FT3. Also, it would be useful to know if antibodies have been tested and the results.

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'Normal' is a very broad range. Patients are entitled under the Data Protection Act to their test results and ranges. Ask your GP or consultant's secretary for a print out of your recent thyroid results and lab reference ranges and post them in a new question. It is important to ask for the lab ranges otherwise members will not be able to interpret results and advise whether you are optimally medicated or under medicated. If you are under medicated you are unlikely to lose weight and may gain weight even when dieting and exercising.

NDT is not licensed for UK use and is rarely prescribed by the NHS. Most members using NDT have private prescriptions or buy online and self medicate.

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Hypo weight-gain has nothing to do with what you eat or lack of exercise, so why do you think that dieting and over-exercising will make you lose it? Forget calories in vs calories out, it just doesn't work that way.

As Susie says, exercising to the extent you are, just uses up your T3, and leaves you even more hypo, so you put on more weight. It also uses up your calories (yes, I know, that's the point :) ) but you need those calories to support conversion. If you convert badly, you will have less T3, become more hypo, and put on more weight. Also, Slimming World is not a good way to eat, because it's low/no-fat, and the body needs fat. No fat means no sex hormones, which will make you put on more weight... Yes, I know lots of people lose weight on SW, but most of them put it back on again - plus a little - and that's how SW makes its money - return customers!

What you need to do is get on the optimal dose of the right thyroid hormone replacement for you. And, you do that by trial and error. But, first you need comprehensive labs done :






vit d

vit B12



Firstly, you need to know if you convert well. If not, T4 only is not right for you. You need to know if you have antibodies. If so, a gluten-free diet could help. And, you need to know if you have nutritional deficiencies, because if you have, it will make it harder to lose weight. Once you have all that information, then you can work out your own plan to lose weight - and get well. :)

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we need your actual results


free t4





vit d3

to be able to tell whats going on but suggest your undermedicated

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Thank you all for your replies. I'll shall pop in to my surgery tomorrow & get my blood results printed out, then post for help desivering!


Hi, I was diagnosed Hypothyroid since 1991 and recently Hashimoto’s because the Dr bothered to check. I found this site and have been a background stalker reading every post and learning. While on levothyroxine I took all the advice on board gluten, vitamins and minerals etc. I found some improvements but just still not me. I then bit the bullet and bought thiroyd ndt from thialand with much trepidation but what did I have to loose. I stopped the levothyroxine one day and started ndt the next. The difference was immediate and quite frankly unbelievable. Within days I would best described it as my being an old derelict house that nobody loved just papered over the cracks when they appeared. For suddenly someone who loved the place to move in and switch every light on (no brain fog) and put on the heating (for once in my life I'm warm). They have started renovations (I've lost 8lb in 4weeks) and although I thankfully never felt anxious I wonderful sense of calm has descended upon me. I have stopped all pain medication despite having a frozen shoulder and RA. My legs no longer resemble a crocodile handbag due to dry skin and all rashes have disappeared. Family and friends notice a difference in me. I left it to the drs to fix me for 25years and got no where finding this site with its excellent free advice I realised it was me who had to fix me no one else. I would add is everyone is different and it seems people prefer different methods and medications but personally I would never return to levothyroxine and have bought a supply of ndt to last to 2019 for now. I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply! This has given me hope😀 I spent this morning trawling the internet for NDT. Would you please me able to give me the details of where you get it from?

Does yours just contain NDT or adrenal/pituitary tissue as well?

Thanks again


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