Is Nature Thyroid making Me Irritable???

I have been taking nature thyroid for 3 months, I am currently on 2.5 grains a day.

I am practically after changing into a grumpy, moody, Extremely Irritable person. Everything annoys me!! People talking, dogs barking, etc

I seem to be arguing constantlywith my 12 yr old daughter 😢😢

I am just wondering of it could be the Nature thyroid? ?? Has anyone had any similar experience??

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  • Could be you're taking too much...

    Have a look at what Pastille says in this thread :

  • Do you have any other hyper symptoms? I can get irritable if I'm too high or too low. (And as a 12yo I think I probably argued w my mum a lot. So there's that. :-) )

  • This may have been posted before, and it's certainly interesting:

    My understanding is that T3 speeds you up and T4 slows you down. In the brain, you need a balance of both hormones. I know I was easily irritated when taking too much T3, and extremely passive on T4-only.

  • Very interesting read xx thank you xx

    I will go back down to 2 grains and see how I feel xx

  • 2.5 grains is a lot! Maybe try reducing your dose or try Levo with a 1/2 grain of NDT

  • When you start taking ndt it is advisable to slowly increase your dose over a matter of months, it took months to find the right balance or even splitting your dose can help, it sounds like your having an overload of your senses, I have been in that position but with me I had a low steroid count so now need regular injections.

    Have you had any bloods done recently? b12 deficiency could also be an issue but so many things could be out of balance, try taking some vitamin d3 (not one with calcium) holland&barrett do a good one, just look for the yellow container's, this should help.

    Good luck

  • Yes have all bloods up on my profile, thank you for your reply ☺☺

  • I was like that when over-medicated - could that be the same for you?

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