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B 12 treatment

Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding b12 treatment. So following on from my gp refusing to listen to ma regarding b12 I have changed gp surgery however this gp is also refusing to treat properly. My last results were 301 with a range of 190-900. Last gp insisted my results were mid range. New gp does not believe that my neurological symptoms are down to b12 and has no other reason to offer. I argued the issue of blood ranges and that my diet is high in b12, I took the NICE guidelines, the Pernicious Anemia b12 info, and a guideline protocol from a local doctor (who unfortunately was banned from treating b12 in my area by the powers that be!). He then offers b12 tablets but did say they probably wouldn't work. I argued my neurological symptoms and the fact that the NICE guidelines state injections for neurological involvement. He finally agreed to give me three monthly injections (won't do more for legal reasons) and agreed to refer to a hematologist. He did say they may still not do anything. My query now is do I go ahead with an injection before I see the hematologist or do I wait in case they want more blood tests. Apologies for the long post!

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As you have neurological symptoms of low B12 you may want to repost your question on PAS as they'll give you informed and detailed advice.


Thank you, I will do that now.


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