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morning dose of NDT

I took my NDT at 7am and then I had a cup of tea (no milk as usual), however, about half an hour later I was sick.

Two questions - firstly should I take my NDT again?

Secondly, I'm finding this sometimes happens in the morning (and no, I'm not pregnant - I'm 66 years old!). I can feel fine and then suddenly this wave of sickness comes over me. It's usually before I've had anything to eat and afterwards I feel absolutely fine. I can go 2 or 3 weeks without it happening and then it can happen twice in a week - very random. I did mention it once to my gp but he just went 'Hm'

I don't get any acid feeling in my chest so I don't think it's acid reflux.

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Are you taking any other supplements etc..at the same time? Are you particularly hungry when you take it? Only asking because I had about a week of this happening ages ago and I thought it was possibly because I was taking a lot of vits/minerals on an empty stomach (I would take them just before I had my breakfast). I now take my NDT as soon as I wake in a morning before I get out of bed (sometimes if I just wake early 5am onwards, just to go to the loo and then go back to sleep) and then have a hot drink an hour or so later followed by breakfast and supplements an hour after that.

Not sure if you should take your NDT again though.

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I don't take any others at the same time. I usually take those after breakfast.


Did you know that caffeine binds to T4 in the same way as milk? I have developed for decaf green tea with jasmine!

Vomiting in the morning is not normal. I would keep on at my GP till he did something useful!

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I have to have my morning cuppa so maybe I'll try decaf tea for a while. Trouble is it'll not happen for weeks then a get a few close together. It's difficult to know if it's stopped :(


I'll have to make my morning cuppa decaf :/


How long between the NDT and the cup of tea? The usual advice is to take the tablets with a full glass of water, then wait about an hour before other food and drink.

You may have low stomach acid, rather than high, see this link.


Maybe you have a hiatus hernia. When I was first diagnosed with a hiatus hernia I was occasionally sick, but now it's less frequent as long as I'm careful. I find that at the start of a meal (particularly breakfast) I have to eat small amounts, soft or well chewed, while the stomach sorts itself out, and after that I can eat normally.

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The tea follows immediately as, if time allows, I make a cuppa and take it back to bed.

Interesting info re the stomach acid. I've been on Omeprazole which I know messes with stomach acid but that's because I take anti-inflammatories for my osteo-arthritis. I'm trying to cut those out and just use paracetamol for the pain but I'm cutting back slowly. I've been on the NSAIDs for about 20 years, which I know isn't good!


Drinking black or green tea in the morning makes me sick - especially on an empty stomach so I avoid drinking it. xx


B****y hell! 20 years on NSAIDs? And Omeprazole? That changes everything!

Apart from the damage the NSAIDs do to your joints in the long term, there's also the damage they do to your stomach lining. Omeprazole really only deals with the symptoms of stomach irritation - and was only ever intended for short term use! In the longer term it really messes with nutrient absorption, and is well known to cause B12 deficiency.

Personally, -and of course I am not a doctor so what do I know? - I think you need an endoscopy to check that there's no real damage to your gut.

Take a look at turmeric (best source of info is the facebook Turmeric User Group) as an alternative to NSAIDs - it is really effective for some, and does nothing for others.

And at least for while try no tea for an hour, just water, either hot or cold. You can get used to it, I promise. I found the hardest part was persuading hubby that I didn't need tea because its part of our ritual - hence decaf green tea, but even that is 15-20 minutes after my NDT.


It constantly amazes me what the docs DON'T tell us. I knew that NSAIDs were supposed to be for short term use but nothing else was offered for OA than these as pain killers. Whenever I went for a medication review the time I'd been on them was never mentioned.

I only decided to try paracetamol after going to my local arthritis group where we had a talk from a pharmacist from the local teaching hospital. She explained how the pain pathways are deadened by painkillers and how paracetamol does more or less the same thing (for OA at least).

I'm only 66 so finding an alternative (like finding an alternative to Levo!) is important as I still have a long way to go!!!

I think I'll start to keep a record of when I'm sick, with a record what I've had the previous evening-just in case he asks- before I take this further, and I'll try the water in the morning. We get to a stage where anything is worth a try don't we?

Turmeric - a friend of mine recently showed me turmeric tablets she was taking, easier than trying to eat the loose powder I guess!!

Thanks all xx


Well, I am presuming that you need thyroid meds, so can't stop? You could maybe change to a different one.

Turmeric tablets don't really get enough in, and to be most effective it needs to be mixed with a fat and pepper. Read up on 'golden paste'.

And it's the omeprazole that was intended for short term use, to treat ulcers. I don't think anyone has thought that deeply about NSAIDS.

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I did read somewhere that NSAIDs were supposed to be for short term use as they're so aggressive - hence the need for the PPIs! Anyway I'm doing 3 days a week on those and 4 days on paracetamol at the mo. Easier in the summer as the weather affects my OA big time! Warm dry climate is what I need. About 9 years ago I went to Australia, NZ and Thailand on a 5 week trip January / February and din't take one single painkiller!!

Yes I'm hypo so need the meds although I've changed to NDT about 6 weeks ago. Seems to be fine so far but still increasing slowly and, of course, I'm doing it on my own without the docs support. To be fair he doesn't know yet that I'm on it. I'll tell him at the next medication review, or if someone notices I'm not ordering my Levo haha.

I'll certainly read up on the 'golden paste' - thanks x


OK, so reading back and re-interpreting what you've said, NDT for only six weeks, but the sickness thing has been going on for longer than that? You said you can go 2-3 weeks with no problem, then have it twice in a week. So assuming that you've had a couple of clear 2-3 weeks its been going longer than six weeks, yes?

Ergo, its not the NDT.

My guess is that its the PPI. And once you are off the NSAIDs that will be your next challenge! Don't try to go cold turkey though, you'll get huge rebound, and need a strategy in place!

I have gastritis caused by the NSAIDs they gave me when I broke my knee. I have had to learn what sets me off, and be very careful when I am having a flare. Zinc Carnosine has helped a lot, but I don't think you can take it alongside Omeprazole.

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Definitely not the NDT.

I'm not going cold turkey as I'm replacing slowly with paracetamol. I do get a bit of bloating with certain foods, usually wheat based. I've had the coeliac test twice as my sister is coeliac but it came back negative both times.

I'm off to Japan next week to see my son. It'll be about 30 degrees with high humidity apparently - don't know what that'll do to my OA!! I'm sure the food will be fabulous though :)


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