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Dont know why? silly thyroid


Im almost 60, been hypothyroid since about 42.... Menopaused 53 and a half...My hypothyroidism was super stable for years on synthroid ...I know menopause got it on the move(it seems) made me overmedicated and they chased it around with different levels of meds...then it will stabalized for a year, and off again...Im over medicated now, but i told my new doc tweak slowly if she we did 112mg one day and 100 next day alternating....It came up a bit, then 3 months later we check, and its gone way the other way again...making me seem hyper (but its over medication).....So we tweaked it, but it still goes fast way....Is this casue a lack of estrogen from menopause? its should have come up into normal range more, or even normal, but didnt...Here is my last tests tsh, and a t4 free.................................................


0.12 today 2016 (out of range

0.21 march 2016 (out of range

0.16 Jan 2016 (out of range

0.05 Nov. 2015 (out range

0.51 May last year 2015 (normal range) go up^


15.0 Jan 2016 T4 free (normal range

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If you follow this forum you will know that the TSH is a poor test once on medication. You need to be looking at the FT3 result. If that is over range then you could be over medicated - but then that has not been tested - so how do they know ?

You have not given ranges - even so I would say your FT4 is also low in range and could do with being higher.

Do you have Hashimotos ?

The above link takes to your previous thread and Greygoose gave you good advice :-) I think the same advice applies today ....

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Great -thanks Martz. Wrote a whole reply and then flipping healthunlock decided despite being signed in I wasn't authorised. Then it decided to unsign me in so once I resigned in it then lost my reply. Arggggh.... have lost the will to re-write!

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Hi waveylines - have a feeling you replied on the wrong thread - as my response above was to dgleds ......


Suggest you follow previous advice from Greygoose to get B12, vitamin D, folate and ferritin checked. All need to be well within range for our own or synthetic replacement thyroid hormones to work.

B12 and vitamin D tend to drop as we age.

I assume lupus is autoimmune, suggesting most likely your thyroid is autoimmune too (autoimmune is most common cause anyway).

If you are in Uk you can get full thyroid blood test done privately, checking all these as well as both types of thyroid antibody - TPO and TG

I personally use Blue horizon Thyroid plus eleven test as this includes vitamin D too.

If you have raised antibodies this means it is Hashimoto's - many of us find adopting 100% gluten free diet reduces symptoms significantly.

Gluten free is Easier to do than you might expect, these days lots of GF alternatives and eating out easy too. Coeliac society membership gives access to vast electronic database of GF suitable foods (saves peering at long ingredients lists on backs of packets!)

Medics seem unaware or unwilling to consider the importance of nutrition and gut health in Hashimoto's or so many other illnesses.


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