Thyroid Test Results

Thyroid Test Results

Hi, Im Diana (27yo) from Ecuador-Southamerica and since I have lots of health issues I had some thyroid tests done. Main symptoms are: Constipation, Fibromialgya, Leaky Gut, Bloating, Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue, lots of Food Intolerances, Depression and no menstrual period. I possibly have a bowel adhesion due to cyst removal in right ovary. Doctor told me my results are OK and that I just have IBS.

The 2nd column are my results and the 3rd column are the laboratory's range.


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Hi there 😊 If I'm reading your results correctly (middle column) then it looks like your Estrogen levels are low (I do stress, that is ofocourse if I am reading it correctly). So if this is the case I'm assuming you do could do with getting yor levels but I don't know whether this would be possible for you to do unless you spoke to a gynaecologist about your results, and see what they advise? I can't really comment on your thyroid results sorry as Im not very knowledgable as far as that goes but I'm sure others here will be able to inform you if there anything they feel you need to know.

Hi Christina, thank you for your reply. Yes, the middle column are my results. I went to a gynecologist and he gave me hormones which caused horrible insomnia, so I stopped taking them. I'm guessing candida is behind my absence of period.

You're very welcome. Low Estrogen can and/or would cause lack of periods. I'm wondering whether your cyst removal has something to do with your low Estrogen levels? I don't understand how if you didn't actually have your ovary removed but obviously I'm not an expert and it may very well be the cause of this. Has your gynaecologist been able to give you any insight to your low levels at all? Also can I ask what type of hormones where you given. Was it oral Estrogen tablets?

My surgery was in 2011 and my lack of period began just 6 months ago, when I found out I had leaky gut, therefore I had to eliminate several foods. I'm now taking vitamins and minerals to replace the food I can not longer eat. Actually, the cyst was attached to the right ovary, so the doctor cut a bit of that ovary. The prescribed hormone was "Primolut" (oral dose) and it made my period come back but just for the time that I took it. Afterwards, I took Maca Root and my period returned, but sadly I found out Im intolerant to that root. So, now I'll support my adrenals with orthomolecular supplements to see how it goes. I appreciate your opinions.

Ahh okay that makes sense. I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope you manage to sort all of this out, I'm sorry I can't offer any advice regarding your thyroid. If your period issues or lack of period issues persist, (I hope they don't) then you could maybe ask your doctor if they would prescribe transdermal Estrogen gel? I hope you don't mind me mentioning that, the reason I have is because its an alternative, and you may be able to tolerate this method as opposed to the oral route? (It's just an option, just incase) But Ultimately you know what works and what doesn't work for you, and it sounds like you've got a good regime going on with your vitamins and altered diet. I hope you see a great deal of improvement and feel better soon.

That's a great advice, thanks, I'll keep it in mind. Blessings for you!

I don't know how old you are, but if you are periomenopausal, they should check Lutenizing hormone and Follicular stimulating hormone levels. That will give you and idea if you are heading into menopause. Ovarian cysts indicate imbalance of female hormones.

I'm not too familiar with Ecuadorean cuisine but root vegetables, manioc - cassava (you have that?), potatoes, corn, beans, lots of different types of vegetables are available depending on where you live. Plus real sweet potatoes, plantains... etc. Traditional diet choices contain substances that help the bowels to be healthy. The fibre in many of these foods helps to keep the gut microbiome healthy, prevents constipation, and promotes the health of the gastro-intestinal tract. You just have to slowly figure out which are good for you. If you have been taking antibiotics for something, then your guts need rehabilitation.

Hi gabkad, thank you. Im 27 years old. The LH and FSH are OK. I do eat plantains and some rice, which I shouldnt... due to candida overgrowth, but without a minimum amount of carbs I get really hungry. I basically eat clean veggies, fish, chicken (organic), healthy fats. Im gluten, sugar, legumes, lactose, dried fruits, fruits free due to tested intolerances. Also, taking probiotics at bedtime.

Just wondering, how does a person get diagnosed with candida overgrowth? I read about this frequently but have no idea about how it is diagnosed.

The endocrine system including the ovaries adrenal and thyroid are all interlinked. If one is out of balance it can cause problems elsewhere in the endocrine system. Your estrogen is low and this in itself cause fatigue, dry skin, poor, memory and low mood. I m on an estrogen blocker to avoid a reoccurance of bc, have practically no estrogen in my body and the effects are quite dramatic. Am not familiar with the thyroid tests in your part of the work but they don't look too bad. I suspect your symptoms are due to the low estrogen and leaky gut. However I am not a medical practioner!

Are you able to go back on the estrogen that was prescribed? Maybe a lower dose with a gradual increase might help to avoid nasty side effects?

Thank you! Do you know of a natural estrogen supplement? I was thinking of taking L-Tyrosine in order for a better conversion of T4 into T3.

For constipation take clear fiber powder you mix into a drink. For leaky gut suggest homemade hormone free organic chicken or beef broth made from slow cooking bones and meat with root vegetable in water. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Stay away from processed foes and sugar. Eat clean. You may have adrenal fatigue for which try to be tested with saliva test and then you take adrenal supplements. You probably have hypothyroid for which try to be tested and get prescription for natural thyroid with T3 and T4 like Nature Throid or Armour.

Sorry just saw your test results. You are definitely low on estrogen and progesterone. Also your thyroid results may be in range but they don't look optimal and a good thyroid specialist will prescribe thyroid to get your levels up till you feel better.

Enough progesterone taken before bed should help you sleep. Take estrogen in morning, gradual increase dose. I was given too much with severe bleeding (I am post menopausal) so cut back if bad side effects.

Thank you pamsbl. Some supplement I can take to raise estrogen and progesterone levels instead of prescribed meds??

I haven't tried these except black cohosh and turmeric, but saw this suggestion online. Make sure you balance the estrogen with enough progesterone.


"Particularly make sure your animal products are organic. Herbs. Turmeric, thyme, and oregano are all thought to help raise progesterone levels. Vitex (chasteberry) is known to help balance hormones overall.Aug 16, 2013

How to identify low progesterone and raise low levels naturally › how-to-identify-low- progesterone"


"The following plants contain phytoestrogens: Hops, black cohosh, red clover, soybeans, licorice, green tea and coffee beans. The rest, including red raspberry, dong quai and chaste tree do not. Hops are one of the most estrogenic herbs on this list.

HORMONES AND HERBS - Four Winds ... › articles › hormonesandherbs"

Hope this helps.

Could you please re-post this with the units of each test given.

Hi Eddie, the main issue is low estrogen and low progesterone. OK thyroid results but towards hypo. I would like to balance those hormones naturally since I have leaky gut and allopathic meds mess with my candida. Do you have any advice? TIA

I would strongly suggest that you optimize thyroid results before attempting to supplement higher-order hormones. I looked at the ranges posted and the one for FT3, particularly, looked low. If FT3 units are in pg/ml, then I would suggest you use my lab's range 2.77-5.27 for FT3, and make sure you are at least 50% up the range. Some males (and some females) find they can get quite a bit of mileage out of thyroid & DHEA replacement before going to estrogen & progesterone replacement. I do know one woman who finds progesterone very calming, she decided that does the job and she does not need estrogen.

BTW have you dumped gluten and refined carbs? I would use as many strains of probiotics as possible, and natural antibiotics like Xymogen Berbemycin.

Thanks! Yes gluten, grain, soy, nuts, sugar, lactose free.

Im sorry but I dint know the answer ti your question. Hopefully someone else will!

your TSH is low as is your free t4

i would suggest you have central / secondary hypothyroid or maybe tertiary hypothyroid

which most doctors are ignorant of

the other posdible cause of constipation leaky gut etc is the use of aluminium or non stick coated or foil cookware

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