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Could it be corn?

Well, yesterday, I decided to have healthier snacks so wandered off to H&B (other health food stores are available :) ) in search of something additive free and with a hint of salt but not spicy (near miss there as when the assistant came over I was looking at what I thought was "salty beans" when in fact it was "satay beans" - now the eyes are going clearly!)

After much deliberation I chose some Toasted Corn Snacks - I'm a brave soul and not put off by the assistant saying they tasted just like cornflakes dipped in salt!

So mid-evening I opened the packet and munched a small portion. Yum! (even for someone who never eats cornflakes).

Two hours later the sinuses, loads of mucus, swollen tongue. Several hours later woke in floods of tears - my life is bad but not that bad!

Everything else eaten last night is what I have eaten before with no problem - and recently, I live alone so meals tend to be the same at least two days running.

The culprit had to be the corn or a sudden worsening of the hypo symptoms. And there's the issue, which is it? I have to say my frequent sinus problems and swollen tongue I have tended to put down to fluctuations in thyroid levels despite the fact that blood tests always give the same results. Now I wonder - is it because there is corn in other food that doesn't look like corn - or taste like cornflakes?

Looking again at TUK list of no-no foods I see "sweetcorn" is on there. So even if it is the corn is it an allergy or the goitrogenic effect of corn?? Does the difference matter?

Do I need to start considering the problem of corn in meds too? Might that explain a thing or two? I've always been prone to bad reactions from drugs.

And what is corn? - sweetcorn, corn, maize - are they all the same?

Another huge area to start looking at on the thyroid journey!

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without doubt some foods or groups of foods cause problems for all kinds of people not just thyroid patients

I am hyper allergic to Aluminium so i only eat fresh fruit ,veg, salads,meat etc that i prepare and cook myself in stainless steel or glass and eating anything thats been in hands of food industry or out in resturants etc is a big no no

The only answer when looking for allergies is to go right back to basics and eat the stone age diet or that of our grandparents when the food manufacturing industry simply did not exist


Hi - I just wanted a treat and was so pleased to find something that had no additives at all. How we can go so wrong trying to be so right!

Do agree that the food industry is heapo problem and admire your efforts - my laziness or fatigue would get in the way I fear! - although I don't want another night like last night..


More likely to be the chemicals used in the process the corn goes through to make the snack and yes they are all the same plant


Non organic corn ingredients are more than likely to be genetically modified - which is akin to taking poison with your food.

Corn is corn. Sweet corn is corn. Maize is corn. Polenta is corn.

That snack also had sunflower oil, which is not Omega 3 and will increase inflammation.

Some experts recommend avoiding the following, at the very least: soy, corn, wheat, barley, rye.


OMG -didn't know that about sunflower oil! Just googled it now. Thanks.

I thought that as sunflower seeds are good (they are still I hope!?) that the oil would be too.

Tried gluten free many years back but noticed no difference in health. Do avoid bread, at least in UK, as it affects my digestion if I have more than the odd slice when little else is available. No idea what has the effect as cakes which have flour have no adverse effect. Rye bread is also fine to me whereas Spelt is a complete no no as it makes me very ill straight away.

Still searching for a salty snack that is healthy too!


Rice cakes - I know they look (and occasionally taste) like ceiling tiles but I am now hooked on them - plain (salted) ones, not the choc chip ones 'cos those are too scrummy and I can eat a packet in no time at all. I use them like bread - lovely.


Thanks Loobs will try - I thought all rice cakes were sweet but if the are salty ones I will go in search!


Hi Sandi, if your looking for a salty snack then try Fish and Chips (salt and vinegar) by Burton's, you know, those fish and chip shaped buscuit things they used to sell years ago in a white packet. I found them recently in Tesco's, they are so delicious that even after years of not having them I still used to lust after them, then a couple of months ago I came across them, and I eat them every day, sometimes I eat a whole multipack of 5 in one go. If you look at the ingredients then you will probably find some things in them that you are trying to avoid but they are quite light, so I don't think theres much of the ingredients in them to cause any trouble, suprisingly they contain some vitamin B3, B1and Iron. 124 kcal per 25g bag. Get yourself to Tesco's, yum yum!


Love the idea of getting my vitamins that way! Will investigate..


I suspect the Spelt is not truly Spelt or mixed with other grains that are toxic. Spelt flour is one of the most popular whole grain, non-wheat flours available. It shows up in pastas, breads and in a variety of specifically wheat-free recipes.Apr 18, 2008


i suppose the trick will be eat them again and if you get the same reaction then it is the corn and sweetcorn, maize, corn starch pollenta is all the same and in a lot of products so will be tricky to avoid.


I would say the sinus issues are a giveaway and you may want to avoid grasses in general (wheat, rice, barley, etc) as you may find that you're allergic.

I used to get the odd silent migraine but I got my first proper painful one the morning after consuming a huge bowl of popcorn for dinner. It woke me from a sound sleep and made me very ill. I avoided corn for ages afterward and eventually forgot I was avoiding it (!!) and have never had another problem.


Hi there I know what you mean about wanting something yummy and perhaps salty, I have taken to eating rice crackers with a little blue cheese, it really does the trick. wishing you well.


I thought rice cakes were sweet but now I know differently am off in search of some.

The blue cheese sounds wonderful but sadly I've learnt that it really sets off my joints. I'll have the occasional bit when at friends but if I buy some to have at home because I've enjoyed it so much I really do feel the effects quite quickly.

Thanks for the suggestion though :)


I understand it is so yummy its tempting to eat more that one should. all the best


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