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Blood Work

Hello You Guys,

I got blood work done for the thyroid, the whole panel, and along with estrogens and progesterone. Can someone tell me what progestoerone and estrogens are supposed to be at.

My progesterone is 0.66

My estrogens is 344

I went to a women's health center today to find out and they would not discuss it with me as I am a breast cancer survivor. In fact, the nurse raised her voice at me even discussing it and lectured me how i am not to have any hormone replacement, but yet they will set me up for other things if i have none, such as diabetes, heart disease and a list of other things. My breast cancer was in 2005 and I told her I have been taking Wiley's Protocol since then. She was not happy with me at all. I feel better being on Wiley's Protocol. My doctor, whom I loved, is not with us anymore and I am in search of another doctor.

Thank you for any input you have as far as where those counts should be. I did not pay for the office visit today as I told the nurse they did nothing for me and wasted my time. They didn't charge me.


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What is Wileys protocol

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Hi Pamelashep,

Yeah, it's must like Howard said below. I loved being on it.



The Wiley protocol is a hormone replacement therapy delivery system. It contains estriol and progesterone in a cream. My understanding it uses hormones from pregnant horses as there are less side effects.

I assume( sorry) that you had radio and or chemo and were told that a tumour was hormone fed?

At that time they wld have tested your levels. An average level for say me at 48 would be progesterone 7 and oestrogen 8.

However no one has their full oestrogen count done on the nhs but its so important as a hormone imbalance can cause issues. To be honest cancer is rarely just hormone fed as you are told.

Sorry I digressed. I'd need to know the range of your oestrogen its a guess but sometimes it's stated as 344 instead of 3.44.

The progesterone is low so it's likely like me you have night sweats and the treatment can stay with you inside for years.

Pls can I ask if you take tomoxifen etc?

The doctors and nurses are told no replacement therapy at all so that's why you will get hassled.

It's a fine balance between feeling well and not overdoing the therapy whilst having had cancer. Acupuncture and homeopathy are good alternatives worth considering. As is a far infar red sauna.

At the end of the day you have had to endure an awful process with side effects that are to me worse than the condition. I think you must do what is best for you and not worry about what nurses say.

If you can check the range I can give you a better answer.

Message me any time if you would like more specifics.

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I'm ready to cry as you know exactly how I feel. I am so frustrated. That nurse yelled at me for being on the Wiley's Protocol and I feel great on it. I'd rather live a quality life than to live suffering. Why can't they understand that? Thank you Howard for understanding. I had a wonderful doctor but she passed away last year and Im at a loss right now. I feel like my life has been put on hold with her gone. She changed my whole life around. Three weeks ago I ran out of Wileys and can't find a doctor to prescribe me it when they find out I am a cancer survivor. They discriminate against me. It's my body and I think I should be able to choose how I live my life. Thank you so much for writing me and understanding. Any advice you can give me would be great.

I had Stage I Breast Cancer and I went through 4 rounds of chemo and radiation but they did it for precaution because I was 35 when I got it. I am 49 now. I have been taking Wiley's since 2005. I told the nurse I do not have cancer any longer. If I don't get treated for hormones it opens a can of worms of other disease that I am setting myself up for, like diabetes and heart disease and other stuff. I know where they are coming from but I feel they just feel I am a huge liability and they don't know enough about any of it. If my breast cancer was going to come back with being on Wileys it would have already. We all know everything is in God's hands and we can't walk around feared. I don't want to live like that and nor will I ever.

Since I have been off the Wileys I have been waking up soaked and also during the day and also bad headaches and a bit of shedding. My body is bad at me. And on top of all of that I take Nature Thyroid and I've still got 120 tablets of that and am looking for a doctor.

Tamoxfen, they put me on that and I quit taking it after six months. I wasn't going to take it any longer. I am not taking that and nor will I take it.

That nurse could have been a lot nicer when she talked to me. Her tone was terrible and she raised her voice at me. She yelled at me for not having a mammogram in four years. I told her I do self exams and yes, I'm flat chested and I would know. I check myself weekly and that is how I found my previous turmor which was the size of a pinky nail. I told the nurse I don't do mammosgrams every year as I believe it causes breast cancer.

On this blood work results they gave me I didn't see oestrogen on my results but I have Estrogens, Fractionated, LC/MS/MS, Estrone, LC/MS/MS, which is 344 and no point in there and Estradiol LC/MS/MS which is 236 and then it has Estiol, LC/MC/MS, Serum, which is <0.10> which I don't know what any of it means. But Howard, I was on the wileys when this was done.

I have found a doctor -- I think -- fingers crossed -- and they are going to get me an appointment and get back with me. He's a doctor like my doctor was.

Thank you Howard for taking the time to write me. I don't feel like I'm crazy after all. I truly am frustrated with the lack of care with medical places. I don't have cancer any longer.

I didn't get what you mean when you said cancer is rarely hormone fed. What did you mean by that? And no they did no counts for me back then and I didn't know they should have. I need to get leveled. I bought some

Pro G Gam 500 and some EstroSoy to start taking. I don't know if I should take it or not. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I am trying to find a doctor and waiting on an appointment.

Thank you so much and I look forward to your response.

Love, Debbs


Hi howard39

Can you take Wiley protocol for the menopause??? I'm suffering so bad with the symptoms,,server sweating pins and needles n hands and feet headaches ect.unfortunately I cannot take HRT as I had a large clot in my eye and was diagnosed with thrombosis, my gp suggested antidepressants which I tried I was on several types for over two years but none worked then my gp suggested I try HRT its worth the risk!!! So I did I felt worse on it and it never stopped my server sweating ect,,my gp has now give up on me and says theirs nothing he can do for me!!!



Hi Birkie,

It's Debbs. I'm so sorry you are in pain. I too was having severe sweating and headaches and when I got on the wiley's protcol it changed my life around. I noticed an improvement in my skin and hair too over time. When I first took it all my menopausal hair on the top of my head came out and then new hair came in and it was healthier than ever. It was the craziest thing I had ever had happen to me. My doctor told me that was menopausal hair. I loved being on WP. I was on it since 2005 and I am a cancer survivor and it has done nothing but turn my life around. And I'm with you all the way. We should skype all three of us. That would be so cool. Do you you have Skype? Never give up and never settle. I am walking with you, too. Lots of love!!! Debbs


IH Debber

Thanks for the reply😀 Im so pleased to hear your a cancer survivor😉 unfortunately my dad didn't survive that was an incompetent gp who diagnosed him with laryngitis for six months!!! The cancer was in his vocal cordes and spread to his lymph nodes,he was then terminal😢 not on Skype at the moment,,I'm in the middle of moving from my house to a flat as i can no longer manage my house.I have ME/CFS/FIBRO to but I am also going threw the menopause this as pushed me right over the edge...I have no life now like you my hair was lovely and thick in good condition my nails were always French manicured!! Now I wear hats as my hair is always wet with sweat,, makeup is a joke!! It sweats of as soon as I put it on,,and I worked as a beauty consultant for estee lauder so know all about makeup!! I'm going private when I complete on my house I will be asking many questions about my symptoms 😡 and I cannot believe my gp has just left me to get on with it..iv seen posters and leaflets stating IF YOUR SUFFERING THROUGH THE MENOPAUSE DONT!!! SEE YOUR DOCTOR!! well I did and I'm still suffering!!!😡 I will be asking about Wiley protocol too!! Can I ask you where you get it from ? When I get settled in my new home I will be on Skype

And I totally agree with you on knowing your own body and you deciding what's best for you! My gp put me on HRT eventho I should not have been on it he said it was worth the risk!! Doctors can't pick and choose what medications best for you,,we should be able to make that choice!!

I hope you manage to get sorted with a good doctor who will prescribe you WP😀

Best of luck birkie

PS sorry for the reply at 3.24 can't sleep for sweating 😢


No worries I toss and turn as well. The acupuncture helps but the therapist is awkward. I use a progesterone cream but have a far in far red sauna and sweat buckets. This takes the edge off the night sweats. ( just jump on a cool bath after 20 min)

The medical prof say taking hormones can lead to cancer will leave you to make up your own mind on that comment!

Kind regards



I will get set up xx


I am by no means an expert but that's is what's it has been made for. There are concerns in the medical prof that increasing hormones may cause cancer!

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions to that comment.

I think everyone has a right to choose what is best for them and have the healthiest life they can. I know that's my choice.

The night sweats are a nightmare tho and without proper sleep can be v dangerous.

I hope that helps and good luck with your decision.


I never give my no out but call me any time <telephone number redacted>.

It's Helen I am a counsellor and cancer survivor x

[ Edited by admin because posting a full telephone number as above looks like a mistake. Even if it was not a mistake, it is something we would very much discourage for your own safety and well-being. If you really want to tell someone, use a Private Message. ]


They say cancer is caused by hormones. Absolute rubbish. There were 70 of us in the clinic all with the same type. No chance.

I went thro radio double dose of 60 units because I wanted time to think about tamoxifen. Ended up no hormones at all. Night sweats more like a bath!!

Acupuncture has helped and yes I take cream too. Just found out last month cancer from glandular fever do no need for radio.

Yep I know how you feel. I am 50 .



I think it's rubbish, too, Howard39, as I was taking Wiley's and if it was going to do it it would have already. They don't know enough about the cancer and yet they want to link everything to it. I do not live there any more at that house. I do not believe my hormones caused my cancer. I believe it was an airport that i lived near that disposed of gasoline over my house and I believe it was chemical-related. No one has had it in my family and I do not have the gene for it and yet they are stopping me from being healthy by not permitting me to have the help that older woman should have. It's absolute ludicrous. This nurse might have had a degree but what does she really know. I don't think all medical professionals are created equal by no means and I will not settle. I feel I have discriminated against and I think it's because they think we are a huge liability and that is what it comes down to. In the meantime, there are so many women that are out there suffering and Lord only knows what else will happen without the estrogen/progesterone they need. I have no trust and no faith in most of the medical field and I believe a lot of it is money driven. We are only a number to them and they could give two hoots.

Yes, I am going to call you Howard this evening. I'm not sure if you're on the same time as me. But I definitely would love to talk with you and keep in touch with you.

Lots of love Howard39....Talk you real soon!!!! :)

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Yes take care I am here if you need a friend x


Hi Ya Howard39,

Do you you have skype? I have skype and my address is <redacted Skype name>. Can we Skype each other? That would be so cool. :)))

[ Edited by admin because posting a full Skype name as above looks like a mistake. Even if it was not a mistake, it is something we would very much discourage for your own safety and well-being. If you really want to tell someone, use a Private Message. ]


You would be better removing your skype name and sending it to Howard39 in a private message love, this is a public forum and anyone can see your user name,


Thank you whispers,

You are right. Personal contact information should be kept private. I have edited the post you were commenting on.


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