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Fed up with 5 minute appointments

Hi all went to gp today still had pain in left side under rib cage with nausea and pain in left shoulder and i am going to the loo(wee) at least 10 times a day got in there mentioned pain tried to mention other things wrong would she listen no because i had a 5 minute emergency appointment at 10.30 did ask me if anyone in my family had had cancer told her my grandad and uncle which hasnt made me feel any better so i came away with ANOTHER TABLET and still none the wiser so went to reception and asked for a proper appointment and a proper docter who listens,got one next week.What worries me about this is could these docters be missing things if they dont listen to all the symptoms just to get you out in 5 minutes

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Make another appointment - and make it a double or treble appointment. OK it

wont be a same day, but book it for the future.


And they wonder why we have to do our own research. ! I have been waking to go to the loo several times a night for years and recently had allergy testing with a Vega test machine. I am sensitive to caffiene [NO CHOCOLATE!!!] peanuts , citric acid [which is in so many things] and a few more things besides. BUT it is working and no DRUGS involved !! Ging


Hi,Several things spring to mind.You do not say if you are on thyroid treatment.? For that and the correct treatment you need TS, T4 and Free T3 tested. Ask for a copy of results and ranges, receptionist at gP`s or if hospital , consultants secretary, it is routine. Your blood. As you describe, it could well be referred a pain due to pancreas

it`s( nothing to do with drink) or more likely Gall bladder disease.. both are usually auto immune diseases, which often thyroid disease is too. Any way, as one of my consultants say, the autoimmune diseases like to hang around together. There are lots The best specialist for both of these ,initially is a Hepatologist, large teaching hospital Some Gastro ,I have found useless and fail to diagnose these conditions.The pain may come on about an hour after food, but not always typical.For these, the first tests are ultra sound, large hospital by a good doctor ,with plenty of experience for the Gall bladder. The initial test for Pancreas is a specific stool test, called Faecal Elastase. Simply requires enzymes, if low. For pancreas investigations if eventually necessary, a special type of gastroscopy , done by a specialised radiologist, not a normal one. I hope this helps.A low dose of the old anti depressants, are as you know, used for muscle pain, but I was always taught that you need to find the cause first..

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Beat wishes,


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Hi jackie im on levothyroxine 75 i had blood tests done 2 weeks ago but not back at docters so am going to ring the endo secretary and see if they have them. I am worried it is pancreas cant stop shaking as well now have another problem with arm had shingles last year now keep getting pain in same place cant have clothes touch and it feels warm so fed up with it all


Hi Shaking can be high calcium, corrected calcium above range, test?Only the corrected calcium matters. Especially if on Vit D which does cause a rise in calcium level,so long as in range, then good. If you do have high corrected calcium, it can cause a lot of things, including Gall stones, or even just grit, need a good radiologist to see that!Make sure you have all test results from the receptionist and with the ranges. You do really need Ft3, which is why I now have to use blue Horizon ( costs saving at GP`)it does sound as if you may well have autoimmune problems, common.If GP will not do Faecal Elastase, then I expect you can get it from Blue Horizon, main site. It is a very specific stool test. If it was me, I would try and have the extra tests, calcium above range is the most likely ,from what you have said. Then I would find a Hepatologist, all good as vvery specialised. If not find a really good Gastro, I have a very low opinion of them!Then issit on a referral. Regarding GP, E mail them and put the facts in brief and what you want done. GP will most likely then phone you, so keep your e mail with you, ready!!

Best wishes,


Let me know how you get on. You can always PM me, click on my name.


It's hard not to be cynical.

I get pain under my left ribcage- when BP meds are not suiting. It can go on for months till I find the offending combination. It's hard to get this low level 'nagware' off our backs -as GPs just don't register much 'off label' symptoms.

I saw an endo over another issue and he pooh poohed my comments on T3/rT3 etc even though it explains many of my symptoms. Fatigue,sleep problems, constipation [never a problem- till recently], low Testosterone and so on.

Nothing wrong with your thyroid was the testy reply! [TSH under 3]

This I understand from comments here- but T3 take up rates and antibody action seem to be out of their shortened views.

I tried L.Tyrosine supplement a few years ago and nearly took off mentally! [Precursor to T3]

Dr D Peatfield has written that in 20 years what we discuss here will be common knowledge in the medical world- but I wonder. His book was a real help.

The Fluoride scam on water treatment has also been going 50 years and no one wants to break that spell either. No proof that it's effective, safe -or necessary for our health, either.

I had a sleep study done and the report said I had complex endo issues.

I've been offered Test. injections but I don't want to treat symptoms with accompanying risks- & was told what causes my low Test. doesn't matter.....

I'm trying to go private for T3 work - but that's also a struggle.What's the big problem?

Modern medicine- run by Pharma, insurers and committees!


Hi Lifeback,

My thyroid cancer was only diagnosed after I insisted on having tests for a similar pain in my left side, however my situation was different.

I was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 5 years ago and a few months at after I developed a pain in my left side under my ribs, I wouldn't breath, had a sore throat and lost my voice. At the time I was diagnosed with pleurisy, a chest infection, throat infection and laryngitis. Unbeknown to me these were the first signs of my thyroid cancer that my GP's did not consider. I kept saying I cannot be a diabetic if everything is normal and I only have raised blood sugar. I explained to them that raised blood sugar could be a symptom of stress and raised cortisol but it was poo pooed by my GP. To cut a long story short I was still having these pains on and off. One GP sent me for an x-ray, it came back all clear. Another sent me for an ultrasound and it was when I was having this procedure done at the hospital that I explained my situation. The doctor doing the ultrasound said that my GP's were requesting the wrong tests and they would not show up any lumps, I told him I could feel something like a lump inside. He told my GP to request an urgent CT scan and this found nothing wrong with my left side but a goitre on my thyroid and a calcified nodule on the right side of my thyroid. Anyway, after various tests and the right side removed it was confirmed that I had thyroid cancer, follicular variant papillary cancer. Had I ever had diabetes? I think not, but until my hypothyroidism is sorted I just don't know.

The moral of this story is keeping pushing for your treatment. If I hadn't then this "good" cancer might have taken me in my sleep. My endo told me that I had had it for at least 4 years, when I first was diagnosed with laryngitis, and that it needed to come out. I was having breathing difficulties at night, choking and finding it hard to swallow food, losing my voice and the diabetic hypos I had were actually symptoms of the cancer.

Good luck with your fight, you will get there with perseverance.


Hi thanks for your reply have been on to endo secretary today she is going to try to bring my appointment with endo forward.Blood tests that i had on 30th may were sitting at the hospital am waiting for them to be looked at i am not going to let this go still having problems eating as soon as i try to eat get pains in stomuch.

will keep you up to date on my continuing saga another one i have to fight xx


Good luck, you'll get there.


Left sided shoulder pain, can mean cysts have ruptured. Be them on ovarian, kidney, bowel etc. Thats external cysts not internal, they work slighty different. also causes nausea, vomiting, shaking, intense pain and motion sickness and can make you pass out as well.

Also kidney infection can do that. I used to get pain only in the front, not the typical both sides as expected with kidney infections. So it can throw up some things that may not fit what is expected. Kidney stones can also mimic the same or even if you have a stone stuck or passing one through.

My father inlaw gets the kidney stones regularly and his symptons match yours. As the stones pass through or get stuck his symptons worsen.

He finds a warm bath helps the excess weeing and pain. Warm water relaxes the muscles and the bladder. I'm the same whenI got kidney infections I live in the bath and drink cranberry juice, the more cranberry strength the better.

I take it no urine sample was asked for by your useless Dr or a feel of your left side?

To be honest, if you are feeling that bad and it does sound bad, I'd go to either an out of hours drop in clinic. Or ring the NHS helpline and see if they think you should go into A & E. Last resort go to the A & E. At least or you will do is sit around but if its something wrong then thats the best place to be.

If you notice blood in your wee or the colour is not a pale straw colour I'd say go to A & E.


Hi my brother and dad have and had dad no longer here with gallbladder and kidney stones

i will go a&e if this carrys on thankyou for reply


Hang on a minute folks! Going to the loo alot. Pain in upper left under ribs or swelling in this area, with or without nausea or sicknes? I would go back and ask for a glucose tollerance test. The sounds like debetes. Caught early and sensible deit thi gs can be reversed. Random glucose test is not good enough. If they are unhelpful, you must cut out refined sugar from diet and eat sensible portions of carbs. Three meals a day.


HI lucy had one in february they were looking for pitruity tumor everything came up normal

because i had high igf-1 which i am going to take up with endo when i see him trying to get a new appointment as not got to see him until july i want to know if my igf-1 is still high and what is causing it. waiting for blood test results that have been sitting at hospital had them on 30th april if this pain carrys on i am going to a&e


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