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Have reduced thyroxine to 75 mg

Hi I've been on thyroxine for about twelve years now . My dose has been up and down quite a few times now . Can't seem to get rid of my symptoms -which are fatigue , brain fog . Insomnia . Sweats . Depression . Anxiety tinnitis . Allergies. Acid reflux stiff neck no stamina .

My anxiety is so bad and so is my sweats so I thought I might be taking too much medication anyway I reduced my thyroxine .

I was just wondering if I could have adrenal insuffiently . My doctor won't test me for that

I take vit 12 400mg And also magnesium and vit d I'm also taking 10mg t3

Just wondering do I have adrenal fatigue ?

Thanks Sandra

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Sandra, these are your results from a month ago when you were on 100mcg T4 ( t4 17 - ref range 9-22 ) ( tsh 0.01 ). They don't indicate over medication so I'm not sure reducing dose is a good idea.

Do you know what your FT3 is? If you aren't converting T4 to T3 well you may need to increase your T3 dose. Low FT3 may be responsible for some of your symptoms. If your GP won't test it you can order a private test from Blue Horizon or Genova via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

You can also order a cortisol spit test from them which will determine whether or not you have adrenal insufficiency.

Many hypothyroid patients have low stomach acid which can cause acid reflux. Betaine Pepsin taken before meals is highly recommended as is a tsp or two of raw apple cider vinegar in fruit juice or honey sweetened water before meals. Both raise stomach acid which aids digestion.


From your list of clinical symptoms, I think you don't appear to be on an optimum of levothyroxine.

If it is possible, get a print-out of your last blood test results for your thyroid hormone with the ranges and post on a new question so that members can comment.

You have been diagnosed a long time now and should be on a stable dose of medication and be able to carry on as normal. Unfortunately, I think few doctors know how best to treat us. I think it's a guessing game.

When you have a blood test do not take levothyroxine before it, have it afterwards and the earliest time in the morning. Do not take other medications within 4 hours of taking levo as some things interfere with the uptake.

If you take levothyroxine with Vitamin C, that can help to convert it to T3 which is the active hormone we need to function. If you haven't had a blood test for a while, go back to your previous dose for around a week and have a new blood test. Ask also for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be done too.


P.S. I see you have already posted your blood results and Clutter has answered to that effect.


Realistically you need to take more notice of how you feel rather than numbers!!

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Thanks everyone for your replies , I'm having a thyroid blood test done tomorrow


Don't take your levo or lio before your blood test as it will give a false high reading. Take your pills after.


Insist they also test ferritin and folate

i bet ferritin is low and thats why your not well or utilising the levothyroxine


400 mg of B12 is unlikely to do much if you are B12 deficient. Personally, I would up the dose and take a B complex with it to balance the Bs. Also, you could try taking 5 mg lithum with it to aid absorbtion. Worked for me!

If you are taking vit D and magnesium, add in some zinc to complete the trilogy. They work together. Adding in zinc made an extreme difference to me.

To support your adrenals - and to aid absorbtion of your thyroid hormones, take plenty of vit C - I take 1000 mg a day. Also make sure you don't skimp on the salt - sea or Himalayan - adrenals need plenty of salt.

I also think you need an increase in your T3. 10 mcg isn't much and that could be causing most of your symptoms.

Hugs, Grey


Hi thanks for your reply I'm sorry I meant 5000mg b12


OK lol


Sandra do you have any problems with your stomach ? Have you thought about giving gluten up . Your symptoms sound very similar to mine ,I'm now in the process of being confirmed Coeliac . I have had to go back on gluten for the biopsy and the sweats and anxiety have started again .


Hi I tried gluten free for a month found the diet really hard to stick to . I then tried one of those tests for gluten intolerance and it was negative . I think I am probably still suffering from menopause symptoms as well . Even though I'm 8 years past menopause .


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