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pregnancy thyroid levels.... help!

Hi, I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I'm on T3 and T4 treatment. I have secondary hypothyroidism, the cause has not been established but my body does not produce adequate TSH. My doctor is not taking me seriously and seems unaware of the dangers of low thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy. I pushed for a blood test at 5 weeks and my T4 is 9.8 T3 5.6. I don't think this is ok... T4 range in the first trimester varies by were you look, but is always over 10. My normal T4 is around 14. I've recently moved so my doctor cannot see what is normal for me. The doctor is saying I'm within normal range. I'm worried having done my research. what can I do? who can I turn to?

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Welcome to the forum, LucyMuddle, and congratulations!

Recommendations for FT4 to be in the higher range are based on patients taking Levothyroxine only. As you are taking T3 directly your FT4, which is a storage hormone for conversion to T3, doesn't need to be so high. FT3 5.6 is usually in the top third of range.

NICE recommends pregnant hypothyroid women are referred to a specialist. From what I've seen on the forum specialists prefer to treat women with Levothyroxine only until after delivery.


thank you clutter o will ask for a referral asap. I can't manage on t4 only treatment though... I was on 400mg a day and still low blood levels before the t3 was introduced


LucyMuddle How are you getting on? I am on T4/T3 combo and trying to get pregnant. Did you get an appointment with the endo? What did they suggest? I am very interested in your journey.


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