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Hello everyone,

I am so happy that finally I am on the mend, the past few weeks people have been saying I look well, this morning I thought I would brave looking in the mirror (usually faced with a pale puffy face,with big black circles under my eyes and very dry skin) this morning I was so shocked - my puffiness has gone - such a good sign as generally I am doing so much better and without the medication to.

I am not completely better and one of the worst symptoms still persist and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it for me, as the doctors can't. I have candida like symptoms - for the past 15 years, never goes, just different levels of pain/swelling, is made worse by Thyroid meds, a flare up, soaps etc. I have purchased no end of Candida medication - which does help a little but it never goes. Doctors have said it is not Candida. I still have stomach issues and wondered if it was some sort of bacteria in the gut - the doctors have refused any testing and I just wondered if anyone had any ideas.

I feel this is really holding back my recovery but not sure what to do next

Thank you


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  • Hi Kitten, congratulations on your progress. I don't know what could be the cause of your problem since there are so many but this man is so smart and I've watched a dozen of his videos and found them all to be smart and sensible. I have not watched this one on bacteria and viruses and the one on Enzymes but if you think it could be either perhaps the answer is there. I thought he had one about Candida but couldn't locate it. If you have time you could slide the timer and see some of the charts he shows on the wall behind him and see if it relates at all.

  • Hello Heloise,

    Thank you for these videos, I have had a look at both of them and they do sound very promising, I am sure I can get some helpful info from them, I will watch some every day - I draw the line at maggots though : >

    Thank you

    Best wishes


  • Wow, he never spoke of any gross things before except for the skeletons:) I will watch them as well. His videos on thyroid and adrenals are so good you have to take notes. You also must watch the one about neuropathy or the nervous system. You will learn a lot! They are all listed on YouTube.

  • Morning Heloise,

    He has talks on Thyroid, Adrenals & Neuropathy - I will be watching all of those - Excellent thank you.

    Their is also a pic of the wound and maggots - so best not to be eating you tea when you watch it : >

  • Teehee, I will take your advice.

  • Hi KW, I have had the same sort of symptoms as you since being changed to Mercury Pharma Generic Levothyroxine in May 2010. Especially bad symptoms have occurred when washing hair and having it coloured, with me being able to taste shampoo and hair colour in my mouth a couple of hours after having it done. I have not used soap,shampoo or other chemicals since last February and my skin (glue-like spots) have gradually begun to fade. I am now on Aliud (self-funded) Levothyroxine, and although this is much better that what is now available in UK, it is by no means the answer as I still cannot use chemicals. Like you, I was told by my previous GP that it was not Candida and I felt sure that he knew what it was, but was not saying. I feel that current Levothyroxine is just not working for most of us. If you find an answer, please let me know. Wish you well.

  • Hello J_bee,

    That sounds nasty, I have never been able to taste shampoo in my mouth - that must be horrible, I used to get big red lumps on my head (which caused terrible headaches) I did buy Atkins shampoo but it never really helped and was expensive, that phase took years to calm down, and like you I have to avoid lots of chemcials and even medications.

    Thyroid medication certainly isn't what it is cracked up to be, I am doing much better without it, .

    I have not heard of Aliud Levo, what it is?

    The worsed of my troubles is not the mouth ( until recently), but lower down, it can be so bad that it can bring tears to your eyes but still the doctors just look at me with a blank expression, thinking up hows the quickest way to get rid of me.

    I will keep searching and if I do find anything useful I will certainly let you know

    Best wishes


  • Hi KW, Will PM you with more information.

  • Have just PM'd you, but not sure if it has gone through.

  • Hello J_ Bee, nothing has come through

  • Will keep trying and put in a complaint as I think a PM did not go through last week too.

  • Hello J_Bee

    I will PM you now and see if you get it : >

  • Pretty sure my last PM has got through to you. Please check.

  • Have you looked at Angela Kilmartin's books, website etc.? My daughter recommends her books highly.

  • Hello Anthea55,

    Thank you very much for this, much appreciated.

    Best wishes


  • KW, I just want to say how pleased I am that you are feeling better. I hope you find the answer to resolve your ongoing symptoms.

  • Thank you Clutter, I am very happy with the improvements. I am not entirely which of my many changes has made the difference, or maybe it's quite simply the combination of things, but for people to say I am looking well is fantastic, I really can't remember the last time anyone ever said that.

    I still have a way to go, but to be on the right road for a change feels great!

    Best wishes


  • KW, are you still doing the Battle Acupuncture? It's usually a combination of things which lead to improvement.

  • Hello Clutter,

    Not at the moment, my ears started bleeding and were to sore, while that was going on it wasn't helping with the pain either, so once my ears have healed up I will go back but only have it done when the pain is really bad - that's when I get the best effects.

    I have invested in a Tens Machine with massage settings as well.

    On a brighter note Josie doesn't have an overactive thyroid.

  • KW, ah that's brilliant about Josie.

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