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Hi everyone! Haven't been on this site for a while! After having years of problems, I finally persuaded my GP that I needed some help with my thyroid. Eight weeks ago I started on 25 mg of Levo, and I must say that I feel so much better ( not perfect,but miles better than I have in years!) Last week I had my thyroid tested and my results were TSH 1.9 ( last time it was 3.8), but strangely, my FT4 has remained roughly the same 10.6 ( 10.4 previously) ref range 10-24. My GP says these are normal results, so before I go to the surgery again and make a complete idiot of myself, should my FT4 results be higher?!

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Your results don't make sense (on paper) but thyroid hormones can take a while to saturate every cell and depend on optimal iron and nutrient levels. Have you addressed your Vit B12 deficiency ?

Many members use methylcobalamin as is easier absorbed and utilised in the body. Has folate level improved and is ferritin & Vit D optimal ? ? ..

25mcg of Levo is a very low dose and sometimes can make a struggling thyroid take a bit of a rest and produce even less than it was before medicating. Many members will function better will a TSH of around 1.0 and T4 in upper quadrant of range so a dose increase will make you feel better.

Are you addressing raised thyroid antibodies ? Many members find a gluten free diet helps as does supplementing 200 mcg selenium a day.

I hope you feel better soon.


Selenium & Thyroid Antibodies




You should ask to try 50mcg to bring TSH to 1 or below and raise T4 to the top quarter of the range.It is important to know FT3 level but the NHS rarely test it so many on this site use private tests.

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