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Radioactive IODINE and taking care of premature babies

Please help with the advice

On the 30th March I very premature had twins ( 28 weeks o gestation ) , now they are about to leave hospital and they are 37 weeks of gestation,

My mum wants to come and help me to take care of them next week , but on the 24.03 she had a radioactive iodine treatment in Poland with:

IODINE -131, activity = 513 HBq = 13,86 mCi

I believe she had the biggest dose .

I am so worrying that she might be harmful to the babies ... if so I will stop her from coming here, I don't want tak any chances ... Please advice !!!

I am looking forward to your answer.

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Congratulations! You'll have your hands full so accept your mother's help. I had 455MBq dose and the contact restrictions were only in force for 23 days. Your mother's RAI was 2 months ago so she won't have any travel restrictions or contact restrictions with children now.


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