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Radioactive Iodine Therapy

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Hi I just wanted to write a really positive post! I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in the summer with my T4 continuing to raise. An added complication is that my fertility has been effected! Decided on radioactive iodine therapy which I had last Thursday! I'm feeling really relieved and very positive! I just wanted to write this post due to the negativity this treatment holds! Despite any negativity this was the right solution for me. If I can help anyone please let me know! I will post again when pregnant πŸ™

From a very positive happy relieved smiling lady πŸ˜€

30 Replies
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Good luck for the future Roxychick. Have to say as someone with Graves it will be an absolute last resort for me but I'm quite sure there are lots of people out there who have made the same choice as you are are very happy with their decision.

Hope it won't be too long before you are pregnant. β˜€οΈ

Thank you and yes this was a hundred percent the right choice! I want a family and this has stopped me! I will be positive about this & relieved that it's done! positivity all the way I say! Will post when pregnant 😊

Great to hear you are doing well. I've been on ptu for graves for coming up to a year. The plan is to stop at a year and see what happens. The next step would be rai but not hearing anything too positive yet about that line of treatment. I sometimes wonder if that's because the people for whom it has worked are less likely to visit and post on these forums. Would be great to hear how you progress. I am feeling well on ptu and want to stay well!

Yes I will be positive about this treatment and I'm glad I had this!! It's been a difficult 7 months! I'm looking forward to getting better. I posted a question about this on this site before having it done & I had a very negative response! That was not needed! Positivity is what I say! I will keep u posted with my progress & wish u well!

That's a very negative comment! Each & everyone of us is different with different circumstances! I'm not 40 & have had it done!!! I'm positive and very happy by my decision. Positivity is a powerful feeling! No negativity needed!

marram in reply to Roxychick

Roxychick. are you based in the US or UK?

I'm here in the UK

marram in reply to Roxychick

Generally speaking, in the UK it has been common for women of childbearing age to be offered surgery rather than RAI because of the possibility that fertility could be affected. I do hope that you made it absolutely clear that you were planning a family.

I hope that it is a success and that your dream of a family is fulfilled.

Marie xxxxx

Roxychick in reply to marram

Hi Marie here in the UK it is perfectly acceptable for woman of child bearing age to be given RAI - there are no affects on fertility what so ever. Of course my professor - top professor in the world is fully aware of my fertility problems caused by my thyroid - watch this space in 6 months for the tiny patter of feet! Also had the top oncologist here in the UK administer the RAI who was also fully aware of my fertility and was nothing but extremely confident that I will be pregnant in 6 months!

I just want to put in out there - anyone who is of childbearing age - RAI does not affect your fertility - the RAI is the quickest and most effective way to get to your dream of a family. The RAI gord straight to your thyroid cells and no where else in the body!!!

Happy baby dust to anyone out there trying or in need of some positivity!

Thanks and keep this nice positivity coming!


Sometimes we have to know 'both sides' of the coin and make a decision and am glad yours has worked out fine.

Roxychick in reply to shaws

Your absolutely right Shaws we have to know both sides of coin! I find negativity not needed! It can b very difficult when u r researching and all you get is negativity! I don't want people's opinions especially negative ones!!! Some people find it difficult to have positive mental attitude and this is the reason for such a positive post! Bring on more positive vibes & comments peopleπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€

I also had RAI allbeit 15 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done, I had no side effects or problems so no regrets whatsoever, I wish I had done it sooner.

Well done Roxychick and I wish you heaps of luck in the future.

Thanks Bantam I glad to hear the positivity from u!!! I'm also glad I've had it done! I look forward to my future wellness!

dusty2 in reply to Roxychick

Roxychick I had it 2 years ago & I am so glad I did. I have said before on here I am pleased I had not read responses to queries about it or I would have been terrified & not had it because of the comments. I would never tell anybody to have it or not have it, it is down to people to make the choice. All I can add is I had regular hospital appointments to check how I was. Good luck in the future.

Thanks dusty2 I love ur amazing positive post!! I'm really glad that u have had an excellent outcome! I agree people shouldn't say to have or not to have - this can b soul distroying and very damaging! I am looking forward to the results! I most of all can't wait to start a family in 6months time πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ keep the positivity coming is what I say!

Well done on your positive attitude and outcome. Hope to hear your pregnant very soon :)

Glad the RAI worked for you.

The thyroid rollercoaster is a massive one and we all need guidance, support and help. It's this website that does just that.

Keep going and all the best


Roxychick in reply to snow31

Yes Snow31 it's a massive roller coaster and one that has terrified me! I will definitely post here with my pregnancy news - can start trying from May 2016 so watch this space πŸ˜€ Thanks for the positive response! Thanks to everyone for such positivity it's really lovely X

I had this treatment 14 years ago and it was ok (drink loads of water afterwards to rid it from your system), and I have also been advised about parsley/coriander leaves being good after any form of radiation (albeit the RAI only targets thyroid cells). It can do no harm to eat the leaves on your food for a few days. Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made and one size does not fit all. There will always be pro's and con's but you base your decision on your own circumstances and after learning as much as poss about all aspects of the treatment. Hope you hear the patter of tiny feet in the near future.

Thanks Pepekins will definitely up the parsley & coriander in my diet - I love them both so will b very easy! Yes ur absolutely tight the RAI only targets thyroid cells! Yes the decision was based on my own unique circumstances and it was the right decision for me! I will post next summer about my good news with a pregnancy πŸ˜€πŸ™ Again thanks for the positivity I love this such a good happy vibe! X

I had RAI in March of last year and it has certainly proved better in general terms than the wild thyroid swings I was having before the RAI treatment. Having said that, PTU worked for me for years and the decision to have RAI or not is very personal depending so much on the symptoms of the patient.

Good luck to everyone who is trying to decide what route to take to treat their Graves disease.


Thanks Lizmag yes it is a very personal decision and not one to b taken lightly! I'm glad and relieved it's over with and feeling very positive! I'm looking forward to moving on with life away from Graves Disease! As I said previously if I can help anyone who is going through a similar scenario than I'm happy to help with positivity rather than negativity which I faced when I first posted on here!

Thanks again for the positive post πŸ‘πŸ»

Dear roxychick

Take a bow !!! And some

flowers too ... πŸ’πŸ’

I discovered I had Graves two

Months ago and was so bad I'd have taken Arsenic !!

So , what's A bit of RAI to You ... Good health that's what

🍸cheers !

When I told my family I was on this site they tried to talk me out of being on here as they thought it would all be negative ... But I told them " No it's not. It is for people with the same types of health difficulties

who have learned so much and who help each other with their knowledge and experiences of

this illness ... And OF COURSE .. We probably NEVER HEAR about all the success stories as those folk are so happy to get their old lives back again they are in a big hurry to enjoy life ...

So , there are thousands out there Roxychick ...who made the same decision as you ... and are now getting on with raising their

Wonderful children and loving and being loved by their families ... And that's all waiting for you now ..

Go on ... What you waiting for ?

Go forth now and bear fruit x

God Bless ...

and the Very best of Luck !!!!

Awwww thanks Madge1979 for such a heart felt post! It's wonderful to hear the positivity and encouragement!! Your post is brilliant- thank you!! Yep a bit of RAI equals good health πŸ‘πŸ» & carrying on with life😘! I agree thousands of people have made the same decision and are carrying on with a great life!! I'm so positive and excited about my future! Thank you and all the best of luck, love, health, wealth and happiness to you!!! Watch this space for news of a family from me after the 6 months wait! Xx

That's my Girl !

Your a lucky girl to have kicked this awful disease !!

Now you can learn Everything about keeping your body healthy

...In a different way

I couldn't believe how I wanted

To just lie down and die because of Graves Disease

but.... Not now !!

Know your Enemy .. Then

You can overpower it !

youre very brave and you Will

Get the things you want , you have Love in your heart and you are well again ... You can do it !

I almost ended my life because of

this .. Thank God I didn't , I have

A wonderful family who love me ,

I'm getting better every day

... Just like you


Very beautiful heart touching post Madge1979!!! Like u I am blessed with a very supportive family!! Yep I've kicked this awful disease! I'm looking after myself in other ways to feel amazing!! It's really awful how this disease can make u feel so helpless and useless - it sounds like u have kicked this disease also!! Well done u and good on u for such love & positivity!! life sounds good for you after going through such difficult times!! I'm so pleased to hear that u are getting better every day - credit to u facing this disease and being so brave to confront it 😘😘

Love, Love and more Love ......your life is just beginning ... so many happy times waiting for you and yours to enjoy ...πŸ‘ΈπŸŒΉ

Bless you Madge1979 sending much love your way! Thank you πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»


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