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Fersaday tablets? Is there an alternative?

Is anyone else having problems getting Fersaday Ferrous Fumarate tablets at the moment? Can anyone recommend an alternative?

I have been taking 2 tablets for a long time now, as prescribed by the doctor for severe lack of iron (and for me very low ferritin). I can now grow my hair and it is so much thicker than it has been for years. I stopped the tablets a little while ago (I think about 2 months) because I was going to have a blood test and had run out of tablets. Typically didn't get round to doing the test and then started feeling awful after about a month and half, but can't get any more at the moment.

The pharmacist in Boots told me that there is a problem with the manufacturing at the moment, so I couldn't even order. She also said that she had heard that they may not be stocking them because they are about to leap in price from the £2.40 that they have been to £25!!

Can anyone recommend an alternative? I got something from the health food shop but it is not having any effect.


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You could take a lower dose of ferrous fumarate and take 3 a day rather than 2 - the total daily iron would be similar :

I took the above pills for a long time, originally on prescription then I bought my own.

I've also taken these with no problems :


I could only buy the above products in pharmacies, but a prescription wasn't essential except for in Boots who insist on one.

I won't comment on the price increase, because profanity often offends...

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Humanbean, thanks, I got some yesterday and will start taking today!


I am on Activis ferrous sulphate tablets for a month if you are still suffering maybe its something else? B12 perhaps?


Thanks Glynisrose, it seems that my family can't really absorb ferrous sulphate, so I have taken ferrous fumarate since I was in my teens. I do take B12 and I try to leave time between taking iron and eating etc, and take it with Vit C and seemed to have recovered, but feel bad after 2 months of not taking it (and I have taken it for the last year at double the dose you are usually prescribed!) I will see what the numbers are when I go in to see the doctor (after my blood test last week).


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