Curly hair?

This maybe a strange ? But I have always had really thick straight hair yet all of a sudden over a period of say a year I have curls... Not afro or anything like that, but as it I have plaited the hair and then taken the band off... I clearly have Thyroid issues on t3 and I am going to be tested to see if I actually have PA as I do seem to have a lot in common if not (It's not going to be easy either to verify)

... I'm in the process of unravelling if I'm allergic to Oestrogen as hrt made me itch.. (Again was that connected to my b12 deficiency or D Deficiency or ferritin or folate deficiency). It's a bit of a mess... But after years of perming in my 20s and then years of not I pleased but curious? Any thoughts... 😊

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  • Changes in curliness/straightness of hair have often been reported - by patients. I am not aware of it ever having been reported in the medical literature, but it isn't always easy to locate these things! The speed of change can be astonishing - not like it taking months for the hair to grow curly, more existing hair becomes curly. Seems impossible...

  • it's very strange...

  • Not really.

    I've heard of people saying their hair has got curly with illness or changing hormones.

    Some people state as they have gone to babyhood to childhood their hair went straight then when they hit puberty or even the menopause it went curly again.

    Others state they never had curly hair and it went curly when they got ill or hit the menopause.

    Since it's people claiming this there are no studies on it.

  • I googled it and it maybe menopause and hormones... But saw another thing that said it was thyroid, plus ridges on forhead and nails was a deficiency sign along with hair changes... Luckily I have thick hair so I lost a lot on the crown, but it's not as noticeable as I've a lot of it... And the curl helps... I was just curious... 😊

  • I know that when people have chemo and lose their hair they've said it grows back in curly (or more curly if it started out that way). Did your hair thin and is it growing back?

  • yes... But the other weird thing is even my hair hurt at one stage, still does from time to time... I know that sounds strange, but at the crown it really was sore, but not through chemicals etc... But not by temples or say around the ear... 😊

  • I was taking methotrexate for PsA and started to lose my hair. I stopped that medication a while ago and now inject biologics. My hair is now much thicker and I have curls which I have always yearned for! When I was a little girl I was always asking my mum for ringlets like Shirly Temple (showing my age now!) and now I have them. Clemmie

  • I'll have some of what you are on and chuck the heated curlers. Glad to hear cloud has a silver lining. Market it and keep well.

  • That's strange, I have always had wavy hair which I can straighten but my hair is definitely getting curlier and curlier, I noticed this morning how different it looks, funny you should mention it today, what a coincidence.

  • There must be a reason.. And it's the only plus of illness!! Other thing I have noticed I don't have to shave underarms as much as I used to or legs... Not that I was a werewolf before or anything, but I wouldn't have been able to leave it a week without doing something about growth... But I can now?? Thankfully I haven't had any beard either 😊

  • How weird!! I've never heard of anyone else having this! I, too, have a patch of hair on the back of my head (where my cowlick is) which turned frizzyish some years ago! I asked my hairdresser about it and she didn't have a clue as to why all of the sudden this would happen. I was just recently diagnosed with Vit. B12 deficiency and hypothyroidism and am wondering if this is related in any way.

  • I read something on Google that said it was related... Just didn't book mark it... Bt then read another saying it happens in pre menopause or menopause too... For me it's hard to unravel what is caused by what... As have thyroid, b12 deficiency possibly PA and menopause... At least it's the one thing I don't mind.. 😊

  • I'm through menopause, but it was happening then, so maybe that's what caused it. I wouldn't mind it, but it's only in one small spot! hehe...

  • That's a shame.. Although I would dye it a bright colour and celebrate no more tampon's 😊

  • HAHA!! Not a bad idea! And, yes, no more tampons!!! YIPPEE!!

  • Seeing as the EU has gone back on their word re stopping the tax on them, I also don't feel diddled at having paid tax during my time 😊

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