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probems rasing ndt

hi i've been taking ndt for my low t3 for about 9 weeks now, it started of bit rough but i got used to it after a few weeks and started to feel alright. i definitely had more energy etc but since i've got up to 1.5 grain and then tried to raise it, i feel crap i tried to raise it to 2 grains at first and i didn't feel to good it gave me ice cold feet so i backed off and went back down to 1.5 grain then i tried days later to raise to 1.1/4 grains and was alright for a few days but i seem to be gettin heavy depression and moodyness what do you think this could be?? i haven't got any labs right now as im in the process of getting bloods taken for the blue horizons +12 test.

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I use my Temp to trim my dose. I put 1grain of NDT in a 1.5L drink bottle. If my Temp is under 36degC I take 1- 2 swigs an hour. If I start approaching 37 I stop for an hour or two. At night I have 3-4 swigs about 11pm and then same at 3am. I end up consuming between 1 and 1.5 grains per day depending on what I am doing.

I suffer depression, brain fog and head aches if I try and take it (NDT) all at once. My feet feel tingly most of the time the depth varies depending on how much NDT or T4 I'm trying to take. More = Worse. I am slowly getting more NDT into me each day using the drink bottle technique. Hope you feel better soon.



Hi James

that is really interesting, did you come up with this method yourself or has someone advised you to do it this way.

Do you find you are improving with this method

Were you taking any other thyroid meds. before starting NDT ?


I was on 150umg Synth for 3 years but my incompetent stupid doctor didn't diagnose my Coeliacs and killed my thyroid. A new doc diagnosed me properly and I went gluten free Nov 2015. All hell broke loose when I did that. I became intolerant to synth unless I took really low does 25umg per day - gave me terrible head aches, head fog, tremors, loss of balance and tingling feet and hands. Found a 3rd doc that would prescribe NDT 60mg and thought I had found the wonder drug for the first week, but then my head fog and tingling feet gradually came back. Reduce to 10-20 mg NDT per day and felt fine but I was obviously Hypo. Read about Paul Robinson's work and taking T3 at 3am to get your Cortisole sorted out. I didn't have and T3 but found NDT worked pretty well. So I was splitting 30mg NDT caps into pre mixed glasses of water. 50% at 3am 25% at 7am and 25% at 3pm. This was a major improvement but still not perfect. Then I just dumped whole lot into a single 1.5L drink bottle. Now I have nirvana. Today I am up to about 120mg NDT with minimal side effects. Feel great, mild feet tingles, feel sharp and alert (the main thing) and have good temp 36.4 deg C.


Glad it is now working for you.

Best wishes browny


hi james yh its a tough road back to health with the thyroid that is an interesting way to do it where did you find out about that way of doing it???



sorry I cannot offer much advice, but just to let you know I am having the same problem. I raise my dose, feel O.K. for a few days then seem to go backwards.

Starting NDT does seem to show up other problems, like low blood sugar, low iron, vitamins and minerals deficiencies as well as adrenal fatigue. All these have to corrected for NDT. to work.

Were you on levothyroxine previous to starting NDT ?

jamesal0 reply is interesting.

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no i havnt been on any other meds as my normal doctor says every think is ok according to the tsh i saw doc p after doing my own research and worked out i was hypo he got me to do a 24 hour urine test and it came back very low in t3 and at the bottom end of the scale for t4 so im self medicating ive definitely been better but i just cant raise it right now.i got a funny feeling i've got a conversion problem but ill have to wait and see what my blood test says.


When you get your blood results, post and members will be able to advise.


ok will do thank you.


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