Taking NDT then going back to sleep

Has anyone tried waking up in the night to take their NDT and then going back to sleep? I have to take other supplements first thing in the morning that I can only take 2 hours either side of the NDT so I thought I would try setting the alarm for for 5 taking the NDT then going back to sleep and waking up again at 7 for the rest. I was just wondering if this affected how your body takes in the NDT?


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I don't see why it would make a difference. If you don't have a problem with taking it at 5 am, I mean. It may even be better absorbed that way...I know you should not take thyroid meds with iron and calcium, and possibly other supplements as well. Whatever works for you should be fine.


As I wake up at some point every night to go the loo, I take mine at varying times in the small hours. I'm the same as you - I have so many other supplements to take that it's the best way for me to juggle the schedule :)

I take my NDT at bedtime and find it works best for me that way. I actually sleep better too though was told it may effect sleep taking it then. I think we all have to figure out what works best for us.

good luck


Interesting! I have always been led to believe that taking NDT (or any med containing T3) at night could result in T3 levels peaking during your sleep, making your sleep less restful...it's good to know it can work either way!

thecat346 a healthy body produces slightly more T3 between 10pm and 10am than it does between 10am and 10pm.

T3 is essential for all sorts of body repair processes, so having some available during the night is essential.

Personally I take 6.25mcg T3 (quarter of a tablet) just before I turn my light out, and I think it helps me to get to sleep. I'd take more if I could.

Some people have the opposite experience and they steer well clear of T3 later in the day.

Very interesting, maybe I should try this and see if there is a difference in how I feel...I take all my NDT once a day (in the morning), but I could try taking some of it at bedtime instead...so interesting to hear about other people's experiences and realising there are so many ways to do things...one of the things I love about this forum and its members.

Thanks all! Its good to hear that there is some flexibility here. I take progesterone lozenge and and L- Tryptophan Peptide an hour before bed so taking my NDT probably wouldn't work. So far waking up an hour earlier to take it seems to be ok. Its early days!

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