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Thyroid function test

Hi all, I wondered if anyone could explain my results. Back ground is I was diagnosed last year with a TSH of 123, was very ill and off work. Doctors slowly increased dose to 200 Levo since Feb, I don't feel as Ill as first diagnosed but still have issues with tiredness, weight and other weird stuff! Doctor says no action needed now and just to be patient, result:

TSH (0.27-4.20) 0.03 mins/L

T4 (12.0-22.0) 23.6pmol/L

T3(3.1-6.8) 5.4pmol/L

Thanks, any advice would be great

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Unfortunately it can take a while ,just over a year for me to feel nearly normal.

Have you tested D3, B12, ferritin and folate?


No I haven't had them tested so will request on next visit, thanks


Like you I started with a very high TSH and had levo gradually increased to 125, at which point I really felt a lot better. Six months post-diagnosis I started looking into dietary issues - went gluten-free which made a difference, followed by dairy-free which made an even bigger difference, and got my vit D tested which was extremely low - supplementation for that also made a difference. About a year post-diagnosis, with all these things added in, I felt like a new woman! Maybe now you're thyroid results are more reasonable it's time for you to look into diet and supplements?

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Thanks I'm going to start looking at diet


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