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eFGR and mean cell volume low

I've just got the results of a blood test back. The receptionist at the docs told me it was normal and no further action needed. And yet there are two tests that are below range.

My eGFR using creatinine test came back below range. 87 (90-200).

My Mean Cell Volume is also below range. 83 (84-99).

My serum ferritin level is 98.2 (13-150)

Haematocrit is 0.386 (0.36-0.46)

Mean cell haemoglobin level 28.2 (27.5-32.5)

Mean cell haemoglobin concentration 34.2 (30.9-34.8).

If be grateful if anyone with the requisite knowledge could interpret these results for me.

I went to the docs as I've had a cold and sinus problem since Feb that I just cannot shake and I've also been having a slight burning feeling (referred pain) in the area of my left kidney.

Thanks very much for any replies. And I know none of you are medical practitioners and are not giving out health advice. 😊😊

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Not so good near normal:

The MDRD equation tends to underestimate normal or near-normal function, so slightly low values should not be over-interpreted. Furthermore, laboratory differences in creatinine estimations may make significant differences. Routine reporting of eGFR values >90 is not recommended and many labs are now reporting all values over 60 as >60. - See more at:

eGFR >90 means there is an estimation of high-normal kidney function. 60-89 may indicate a mild reduction in function.

MCV and the other red blood cell evaluations are explained in this link

Ferritin looks fine.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Sorry to be so thick, Clutter. Does the eFGR test imply I have nothing to worry about?

Thanks for your reply.



Yes, kidney function is fine.


Thanks so much! 😊


If you have cold or other virus your ferritin may be raised. So the result is useless for diagnosing anything. (Next time the receptionist tells your results are normal and you have an cold point that out to her.)

That said your other values are well within range.

I presume you have had your B12, vitamin D and folate tested and know if you need to supplement? Low levels in any of these will make you more prone to getting viruses you can't shake off.


Thanks for your reply, Bluebug. I take Vit d and b12 every day but haven't checked folate out. Will have to do that.


The receptionist should NOT be giving you results thats a doctors job the receptionist is not qualified!


I agree totally! She was really bloody shirty with me when I asked for a printout. Said they were going to have to start charging. Why do doctors receptionists often tend to be little tin-pot gods?


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