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Can I take thyroxine & prednisolone ?

Hi everyone,

Just been to Dr and I was prescribed Prednisolone as my asthma has been playing up? Has anyone else used both of these together?

I've been told to take all 8 prednisolone tablets in the morning but I also take my thyroxine in the morning also,it states in the instructions that I should check with my Dr if I have an underactive thyroid(WHY?) but HE GAVE THEM to me.I would greatly appreciate any feed back.

Thanx x

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You may find that taking Prednisolone reduces your TSH. Take Levothyroxine 4 hours away from Prednisolone or switch to taking your Levothyroxine at bedtime.

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Thanx Clutter

I take a calcium vitamin supplements at night as they are known to interfere with thyroxine also.

I will have a jiggle around see if I can take them 4 hourly x


I was completley stable on my 50 mg's of Levo, felt absolutely tickety boo for my first 18 months after hypo diagnosis.

Went on holiday, caught a nasty nasty virus that ended in me having to take 6 Pred for 7 days. Cleared the virus complications, but I have NEVER felt right since (9 months). Brain fog, lightheaded, constant pins and needles, tingling, tinnitus, and on and on!! I can't prove it, but I'm convinced the Pred had something to do with it. I've not yet managed to get my TSH and T4 back in the range where I felt well despite numerous blood tests and dosage changes.

Be cautious is my advice. If you can avoid using Pred then do!


Thanx for the advise Kyoto49

Unfortunately I've picked up a nasty chest infection which I ended up having to have a chest X-ray & ECG just incase it was something worse.I have noticed my tummy is abit crampy & headaches have increased,however my chest does seem to be on the mend after just 2days!

Like you I too have fuzzy head(brain fog) but I can't blame the pred as I've had it now 17yrs.

Thank you you take care X


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