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Can I take Levo subligually?

I've been feeling much better on 1 1/2 Grains of NDT but for largely financial reasons I've decided to give Levo a try - it might just work. I take the NDT sublingually and when it's dissolved I immediately follow it up with the essential morning coffee followed by breakfast an hour later. Does anyone take Levo sublingually? I'm hoping that I can and therefore bypass my stomach and any problems with absorption caused by the coffee. My GP has given me a prescription for 100mg Levo and for the past week I've been alternating it with the NDT. So far so good but I know it's early days.

Many thanks for any advice or personal experiences.

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There are no thyroid hormones, either NDT or levothyroxine that can be taken sublingually as the molecules are too large to be absorbed through the tongue and eventually get swallowed mixed with saliva so you may not have been having the amount you think.

Levothyroxine has to be taken first thing with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating.


I am not sure that it is size of molecules so much as pH!

Below pH 7.2, levothyroxine hardly dissolves. Some people have saliva with a lower pH than that.

This is also why most levothyroxine absorption occurs after the stomach - where it is alkaline. (Also dissolves somewhat better in alcohol...)

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A link which which you might find of interest.


I tried to edit my first response but it could not be accepted. I wanted to mention also that thyroid hormones can be taken at bedtime, as long as you've last eaten 2-3 hours before, so that nothing interferes with the uptake.


Thanks so much for your responses, the article makes fascinating reading and taking it at bed time means I can have my coffee first thing, music to my ears!


I am glad that you have a reason to be happy. Remember on the morning of a test miss the night dose and take levo afterwards - you can, of course, take your night dose as usual.

It has been reported that some take a whole week's dose once a week.


Thank you, I'll remember that. I don't think I can be trusted to remember once a week so nightly it will be.



I agree with shaws. Thyroid hormone replacement does not have a molecular structure that lends itself to sublingual absorption.

Thyroid meds have large active molecules that make it difficult to pass through the mucous membranes and any dissolved or crushed will end up moving through the digestive system in the usual way.

I drink coffee about an hour after taking thyroid meds when first waking..


Thank you radd, I'll take it with water at bed time.


Why are you leaving NDT behind. I buy 1000 tablets for around £80. These last for over a year taking 2 per day.

The difference in money compared to health and well being are to me the most important factor.


I've been taking 1 grain Thyroid S and half a grain WP Thyroid because I couldn't find Thyroid S in anything smaller than 1 grain. If you know where I could get it could you pm me your supplier please? Thank you


I am not aware of any of the Thai desiccated thyroid products being produced in any but one grain tablets.


I certainly couldn't locate any and with all the other supplements I need the whole thing gets a bit expensive which is why I thought I'd give Levo a try. I think it works well for some and there's only one way to find out if I'm one of them. Thanks.


I take Thyroid S although it only comes in whole grains I have a pill cutter for halving it. Its not expensive around £80 for 1000 tablets.


I would PM you but I can't find out how sorry.


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