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Hi. I was wondering if anyone might be able to share their thoughts. I am currently struggling - tired all of the time - to the point of wanting to sleep in the day, cold a lot, headaches, hair loss, struggling to talk, brain fog, no concentration. So I saw my GP who organised for me to have a whole load of blood tests. I rang for the results today and basically everything apart from vitamin D which was "adequate", are fine. TSH 0.73, Ferritin - normal. I currently take 100mg levothyroxine daily. I felt sure it was my thyroid but it not looking likely. I have an appointment to see my GPS in a weeks time and feel strangely disappointed. I know this is not a medical forum but wondered if anyone has experienced similar? Looking forward to hearing from you. Ann

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Best thing you can do is ask for a print out of your tests, put them in a new post, including the reference range (numbers in brackets). "Fine" and "normal" mean diddly squat really. It's where you are within the range that's important, not just being in range.

Your symptoms sound like you might need an increase in levo, but if your vitamins and minerals are not at optimal levels then thyroid hormone can't work properly anyway.

So get those results, all of them, make a new post and members can help :)

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Hi AnnieB67 welcome! :) it's difficult for people to help with such little info. Have you got any more blood test results to share? Have you been tested for B12 and D aswell? Post all your bloods with ranges and people may be able to offer more suggestions.


Hi. My TSH was 0.75 (0.4 to 5.5). I was tested for vitamin D but not B12 - it seems my vitamin D was "adequate ". I have an appointment with my GP on the 1/6/16 so will do a new post then. Thanks Ann


Regardless of what your gp says it is always a good idea to post here. Thyroid does seem fine but it's quite hard to tell with TSH only. T4 and T3 are needed. B12 is a very important vitamin and a common deficiency with many symptoms, easily treated with supplements. It is in your best interest to do this, also vit D results and post your ferritin too. Good luck with it :)


And post folate levels too, if you have them. Although if they haven't done B12 I suspect they won't have done folate either. They are often tested together.


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