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Hey people looking for some advice.

I'm currently on 150mcg levothyroxine but I've unfortunately run out of the 50mcg and not taken any since Wednesday just the 100mcg. My sister has a thyroid too and has given me some 50mcg till I can get some more, the problem I have is my packet is almus and hers is teva. Does anyone know if this matters as it's still 50mcg the same dose but different manufacturer.

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Aqua13 Some people have had problems with Teva, bad side effects, but some get on OK.

Why did you not just cut your 100mcg in half to give you the 50mcg?


GREAT ADVICE !!!! The meds should be from the same brand consistently .


Hey thanks for your reply. I wasn't sure if it would give you the exact amount and worried I would then be taken to much.

Do you think that would work then?


Aqua13 Yes, it wont be a problem. It doesn't have to be an exact amount anyway, it's not something that acts almost immediately like an asprin. Some people take their Levo once a week rather than every day. Some people who need, say 175mcg alternate 200/150 to save having 3 x tablet doses (100/50/25) - my GP did that with me.

You can get a pill cutter from your local pharmacy - I got this one amazon.co.uk/Safe-Sound-Pil... or use a craft knife or Stanley knife.


Thank you so much I'm a terrible worrier and not knowing what to do for the best just adds to it. I will definitely do that if it ever happens again!



Some pharmacies will help by supplying a few tablets to get you by. Most likely if you have full details, and if it is a pharmacy you regularly use.

Mixing makes is perfectly OK - if you happen to get a combination that works for you. All too many people find one or other make causes them problems. All too many people keep getting products switched. Those are problems.

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I will have to get emergency supplies tomorrow and hope the doctors hurry up with another prescription.

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