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Advice/what would you do

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Hi everyone

I'm looking for a bit of advice.

Background: I was diagnosed in February. TSH was 316 then. My last blood test was done last Thursday. TSH was then 30 so it's slowly going down.

I've been signed off since I was diagnosed. On top of that, I was made redundant in April. I'm currently signed off until June 20th. (Signed off on a monthly basis)

Two of my colleagues from my old workplace are now working in a new job. They're looking for more people so they forwarded my cv to the manager who called me today and asked me to come in for an interview on Friday.

I'm feeling much better than I did in February but I'm still not 100% obviously.

I discussed this with my mum and hubby and they think I should wait until my levels are normal and then start looking for work. I see their point but I see how my old colleagues are struggling to find work so if I get this job, I feel that it would be silly not to take it..

What would you guys do?

14 Replies
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I think I would at least go for the interview and then make a decision if you get it, when you see what is involved and whether you could cope. Obviously though, I do not know how you feel. Only you can make that decision in the end. I just think it sounds like a great opportunity...good luck, whatever you decide.

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destiny391 in reply to Hennerton

Thank you :) I might not even get the job in the end but I'm definitely going for the interview.

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Hennerton in reply to destiny391

Good news and good luck!

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Did they increase your levothyroxine now the TSH is 30? It really should be increased now and reviewed in 4 weeks. You are no longer in any danger, they shouldn't be dragging their heals unless you have an existing cardiac problem.

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destiny391 in reply to jimh111

Yes, it was increased from 125 to 150. And I'm going for another blood test in four weeks time.

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jimh111 in reply to destiny391

That's good. By the way I'd go for the job and take it easy at home. Schedule your life so that you can focus on the job (if you get it) and take it easy at home, even if things slip a little. Once your thyroid is sorted out (6 months time?) you can gradually pick up on other things.

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destiny391 in reply to jimh111

Yes you're right. My problem is I put so much pressure on myself.. I need to stop that. Lol, easier said than done!

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Go for it. I was signed off when I was first diagnosed and a job came up that my manager recommended I go for, even though the interview was during my sick leave. If you feel that you could cope with it once your meds are sorted, and you won't get too stressed, you have nothing to loose and it may well give you a moral boost. You will get better and providing your honest about your condition now and feel confident that when your back on par you can do the job, you have nothing to loose. Good luck.

PS - I got the job!

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destiny391 in reply to lizbott

Congratulations! And thanks for your input. You are right, it might help me get better.. :)

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Hi Destiny glad to hear from you again and that you are feeling a lot better. I was in a similar position to you having been diagnosed in Dec with a high TSH. I was off work until beginning of May and then did a 4 week phased return. This is my 2nd week back full time.

It was hard at first as I would come home and go straight to bed but my health is improving week on week as is my strength. If work is a necessity for you financially as it was for me, I would definitely go for the interview and accept the job if it is offered but rest as much as u can at home. In a way I am glad I was pushed to return because I had lost a lot of confidence due to the brain fog and was worried my health was too fragile - it's so easy to get into that mindset when you have been ill for a long time. Hope this helps and whatever you decide I wish you continued improvement in your health. X

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destiny391 in reply to Sue777

Thank you sue! I would probably do the same, go straight to bed after work (if I do get the job). The job is in London and I live just outside London so it will involve at least two and a half hours journey a day. But I'm thinking, if I could do it before, I should be able to do it now..

I know exactly what you mean about the confidence bit, I feel like I've lost myself so it probably would be good for me to get back to a normal life again.

When I go for the interview I will tell them that I have to go for blood tests monthly for now, I hope that won't be a problem but at least I've told them.

Thanks for your input use, I hope you get back to full health soon. And well done for returning to work :)

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I have been out of work for 9 months following redundancy and am finding it really difficult to find work the longer the gap becomes. Even if your levels normalise there is no guarantee you will ever feel 100% all the time as thats the nature of living with a chronic disease. If you secure work your employee has a duty to make reasonable adjustments which could include extra time off for hospital appointments etc. you might feel better as a result of being absorbed in a new job anyway. Go for it anyway as you have nothing to lose!

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destiny391 in reply to Trudes

Thank you for your comment! That's the main reason I think I should just go for it, I see how people struggle To find work now! And who knows, as you said,I might not feel 100% even with my levels down.

I will to for the interview and take it from there, I'll keep you all posted.

Thank you :)

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Hi everyone

Just an update.

I went for the interview on Friday. I felt that it went well. But I did not get the job. They said they felt that I was competent for the job and I made a good impression but one of the managers felt that I wouldn't fit in personality wise...

To be honest, I feel a bit relieved. I've been really worried since I went for the interview, not been able to sleep properly. I don't think I'm ready just yet. I'm glad I went though cause I would've regretted it otherwise.

Thanks everyone!

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