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thyroid Evaluation question

thyroid Evaluation question

Hey there !

I have a rather simple question concerning the thyroid Gland.

Does a normal size Gland got to be visible physically around the neck area ?

The reason I ask this is because I´m still a bit worried about the condition of my thyroid even though I got it checked out extensively in recent months confirming it is okay (good blood Levels ; normal sonography ; solid size).

I´m quite Aware that with all the muscles and tissues in the neck area a not enlarged Gland might not be visible at all but I dont trust my own judgment completely at the Moment.

So any objective consideration could help me put my remaining worries to rest.

Thanks in advance.

I will add a Picture for evaluation


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Hi patrickl841 Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I don't think anyone here can really help you unless you post your blood test results. I understand your concern but there could be numerous reasons for you feeling/seeing a difference in your throat area and though members here may be able to relate to that they can't really advise without the blood work. You really need to re post your question with the blood test results and the ranges in brackets. So TSH, T4, T3 and antibodies tests if you've had them. Do you have any symptoms? Re post asap and others will advise. Good luck with it. Doctors often say the test results are fine or normal as some of them stick rigidly to ranges. Further evidence shows that this just isn't good enough to base a diagnosis of thyroid disease on. So re post soon


Hello Patrick. What took you to the doctor to have all these tests? Do you suffer from any symptoms or is it just worry? If it is just worry and you do not have any symptoms, my opinion is that the blood results and scan you had are most reassuring. If you have symptoms, the community here might be able to help you if you post your results as pastille says. All the best

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I have to say, I Don't really understand your question. Are you worried that your gland is too small? Or too large? A normally funtioning thyroid gland cannot usually be seen by the naked eye. And, all I can see in the photo is your Adam's Apple. You do not seem to have a goitre. Also, if your blood tests etc were OK, then I wouldn't worry.

However, if you want to be really sure, post your blood test results - with the ranges - and people will be able to tell you if there's anything at all going on. OK? :)

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