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Itchy area near thyroid gland

I need some help! The skin at the front of my neck or in the area of my thyroid gland has been very itchy. My T4 Levels are normal over the past 10 years and I take synthroid 150mcg. It has also been 15 years since I had radioactive iodine treatment for Graves disease. I stopped wearing necklaces and cant relate it to any foods, perfume or diet changes. I just want the itching to stop!

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Welcome to the forum, Blessedpr.

Try antihistamine an hour before you take Levothyroxine to relieve the itching. If you've changed Levothyroxine brand you may be having an allergic reaction to one or more excipients.


I have been using the same brand for over five years. Also I should have stated that the itching occurs at different times throughout the day. Is it possible to have something wrong with my thyroid even though it was ablazed?


Blessedpr, if you had thyroid ablated because of Graves it can regenerate. Might be worth asking your GP to palpate and order an ultrasound if unsure.


We had a customer with a similar situation, she was hypothyroid, constantly itchy all over, more so at night.

I asked her to get her Cortisol levels checked, too much can cause an histamine reaction. Her cortisol levels were very high, so I recommend Quercetin a natural anti histamine, and B5 helps regulate cortisol.

Thyroid Uk organise tests with Genova Diagnostics.


I also have this itching at sides of neck every day mainly in the morning before I take levo but also my bottom every day most of the day..... no that's not me being funny I have added another post about it, do you thing anti histamines long term can help


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