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Creatine Kinase test?? Anything to do with my thyroid test?

My Dr. recently tested my Creatine Kinase level, it came out to be 231. He told me he was trying to find out if I was having trouble with my thyroid. My THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (TSH)

results were a 2.14 ( I guess 4.00 is high) so I am assuming I am in range of okay. But everything I read says the Creatine Kinase test is given if you have had a heart attach. So I am just wondering if the Creatine Kinase level IS used to find out what is going on with your thyroid, or is my Dr. looking for other things? IDK....If anyone knows, please let me know what these results mean and if they do relate to each other to discover thyroid problems........thanks folks!!

P.S. I have also had a burning sensation in my upper rib area, it feels like someone put icy hot on my liver, does anyone know what could be causing that?

By the way I am diabetic and take insulin N 80 units 2 x's a day.

Thank you for any info you all can provide.


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Creatine Kinase and Thyroid Function Tests are for different conditions. You haven't given ranges so I can't see whether CK 231 is within range or abnormal. TSH 2.41 is within normal range but TSH >2.0 indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle to produce hormone.

Creatine Kinase is primarily used to detect and monitor muscle damage and may be used to monitor heart damage after a heart attack.


Thank you for your response, I appreciate your time.



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