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Looking for info on self medication with NDT. I am currently on 100 mg daily of Levothyroxine but want to try NDT as it contains T3 which I'm hoping will address my 2.5 stone weight gain !!

I purchased Narure Throid from America 1 grain 65 mg which contains 9mg T3 38mg T4

Not sure about when to stop taking Levo and when to start NDT ,

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  • You can stop levo now and take your NDT tomorrow if you wanted!

  • Thanks for your reply but still unsure of how much to start on I posted the strength and my current Levo (100mg) daily

  • From what I've been reading you can begin on 1 grain, or you could half it. You must increase the dose after 1-2 weeks though or risk hypo symptoms returning.

  • I was on 125 mcg levo and started on 1 grain ndt so maybe try 3/4 of a grain and see how you go? I raised by 1/4 every week/week and a half depending on how I felt. I'm now on 2 1/2. It did take a few weeks to get used to it..suffered with slightly odd feelings in my throat and almost like the nausea you get with travel sickness but those feelings have completely gone now x

  • Check out stop the thyroid madness website as it gives details of how to move onto NDT.

    I always recommend Paul Robinson's book Recovering with T3 as this is very rich in the physiology of the thyroid and the move from Levo to T3 or NDT. It's Paul's work that STTM website refers to. They only give brief highlights but with his book you'll really educate yourself properly.

    Also, read STTM info about adrenals and saliva testing for cortisol and DHEA. It may be that your adrenals are fatigued and need support. There is coaching advice available on STTM.

    Good luck!

  • Just got his book didn't think because he was a T3 only user he would have given as much info for NDT but will keep reading

  • He doesn't give a lot of info about NDT but he advocates trying it first before using synthetic T3. He says using T3 only should be a last resort as it's difficult to manage. Because NDT works for many people due to T3 content he also recommends using his circadian method if cortisol is low in the morning. I use this method and it has been amazingly effective. My thyroid seems to be functioning well now. I'm just starting on DHEA cream as my levels were very low. Still have gut issues but hoping to gradually recover those too :)

  • Oh what is the circadian method ? And did you loose weight on NDT as I've slowly put on 2.5 stone and can't shift it ..... I also think I may have hashimotos as my result (antibodies) came back at 42.6 :-((

  • The method is in the book. I have lost some weight and have stopped bloating up! However, I've had to stop eating gluten, soy, dairy and eggs, some of which I didn't know we're causing me problems until I eliminated and then reintroduced them. I'm still sorting out my adrenals so haven't been exercising much. I do feel though once I put the effort in I will be able to lose weight, whereas before on Levo, diets and exercise didn't work. It's a long journey but all the effort does pay off!

  • Ok thanks I will read in to this. I have tried a gluten free diet I even cut out most dairy but no difference it's so frustrating 😩 I take a supplement that helps adrenals although I didn't bother getting tested !! Just thought it would maybe help!! Going to up my foliate and B12 just had another blood test result for antibodies and looks like a May have hashimotos which I'm slightly worried about

  • Cortisol is a big factor in weight gain. If the adrenals are struggling and cortisol levels aren't optimal, for a thyroid patient this will often lead to weight gain. It's worth testing the adrenals and then you can support them properly. Caffeine will be a factor in weight gain if the adrenals are struggling. Especially around the belly!

  • Oh no should I cut out caffeine too

  • Yes. I'm afraid so! Plenty of water instead. Best to cut down gradually though. You can always have decaf.

    I miss coffee but really want to put my health first.

    You get used to it after a while -honest :)

  • I switched from Levo to Nature Throid and found it made a huge difference. I simply was advised by my integrated practitioner to not take my Levo the next day and take NDT the next morning in the same dose so I take 1 and a half grains (just under 100mg) of Nature Throid. Never going back on Levo

  • What was you Levothyroxine dose? I'm on 100 a day at the mo

  • 100mg

  • I purchased 1 grain 65mg from <a pharmacy> in USA so would you advise I start on 1 grain then see how I get on after 2 weeks and if required up by half a grain ? Did you get any weird side effects until you got used to it? Sorry for all the questions but I'm a bit scared

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  • No problem ask as many questions as you like :)

    I did the straigh switch from 100 Levo to 97.5 Nature Throid with no adverse side effects. I lost 13kg in 6 months and felt fantastic within 2 weeks. However, I also quit dairy, sugar and all grains at the same time on the advice of my integrated practitioner because these foods effect the uptake of the medication. It was pretty tough the first week, headaches and nausea but after that, my life changed completely! Just ask my husband how much better my mood, my libido, my energy levels went through the roof. Back running, yoga and playing squash every week on top of a demanding full time job and I'm 52 years old.

  • Woop woop I'm just hoping I can get the same results

  • What is the difference between nature throid and westthroid is it manufacture. Sorry to but in I am on175 levo and want to try NDT.


  • For many years RLC made both Nature-Throid and Westhroid. They were the same product.

    Then RLC dropped Westhroid (no longer made and appears no longer available) and introduced the confusingly named Westhroid P. Even RLC agreed that was confusing so renamed it as WP Thyroid.

    The active ingredient is identical. The excipients (other ingredients) are different. WP Thyroid contains chicory-extract inulin.

  • Inulin good stops fatty desposits areound heart and liver think i going to try this. Does it contain t1 ans t2. T2 is the one the metabolisis fat. I used to buy t2 from south Africa but they stopped selling it for some reason.

    thanks kate

  • Inulin may be good (I really don't know much about it), but I suspect that the quantities in WP Thyroid tablets are rather small.

    I have many times suggested that the amount of T2 (and T1) in desiccated thyroid is tiny, quite possibly so little as to be of no significance. Most T2 in the human body comes about by processing of T3 within cells - not from the thyroid at all.

  • Can thryroid UK still interpret ndt results. I spoke to my gp about going on ndt. She said well I can't interpret results so I said well tuk can. Can you.


  • my experience going from 100 to ndt grain was too low.....i split it half am and half after lunch but remember to keep away from food and vitamins. i went hypo that one grain and went to 1.5.....then i increased to 2 grains.....and started having heart my own personal experience i should have stated at 1.5 for 6-8 weeks and retested to let my body have more time to get used to it hence .....i tested too early.....and remember not to take it the morning of the test.....until after the blood draw.....

  • I know others say go straight onto NDT, but I would give your body a few days off Leno. You are probably overdosing on it any way. That's most of the reason people have so many side effects on Leno. The T3 in NDT if taken in excess will give you a bad trip. I split mine up over the day, just cut the powder in a 60mg (1grain) cap in 3 or 4. Have 50% at 3am, 25% at 7am and 25% at 3pm. Yes more work but you get your life back. Then after a few weeks add 30mg to your daily intake. Repeat until you go Hypo. You will know when you taking too much, pounding heart, night sweats, hot feet and hands, crawling skin (Hypo). Drink lots of water, do as much exercise as you can and get plenty of quality sleep.


  • Please can anyone advise me how to obtain NDT in UK? Either from a sympathetic endo who would prescribe or online from a reliable source? My Dr is sympathetic and if I could show her that I felt better on it she says she would be happy to monitor me.

    Been on Levo 19 years and tolerating it less & less well.


  • Hi I have been on Levo 18 years and like you I have not been doing well on it for years so I have sent away for NDT from USA as I was given a pharmaceutical company that is reliable. I'm not sure if you can buy it in the UK. Anyway I'm going to start taking it on Sunday I sent away for 1 grain 65mg. Going to half the tablets and split the dose morning and afternoon as I'm currently on 100mcg of Levo if you send me an email I will give you details of the place I got mine as I don't think you are allowed to give details on this site.

  • Thanks, I have sent you an email. Penny

  • Hi Caroline. Did you start on the NDT and have you noticed an improvement? Like you I have been on Levo for 18 years plus and although my labs now appear ok I still have loads of symptoms.

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