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feeling worse before better

im on 4 x 400mg hb and 400mg PS 4 times a day (PS contains soy)

50mcg T3

feeling worse than i did before

heart racing, short of breath, anxiety, everything and i mean everything is making me angry

im sweating on and off, night sweats

not sleeping again despite taking melatonin

very very stressed which had meant no sleep at all for 2 nights

taking the adrenal cocktail once a day using camu camu

im seriously either cutting back on my T3 aand try to get cortisol lowered or cut back T3 and add NDT or just go on to NDT

how long after starting treatment for adrenals should i start feeling a little better

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I don't pretend to understand Meds very well and I have no idea what the other things you mention are but 50mcg of T3 is, in my opinion, a lot. If you take it all at the same time it's definitely a lot and could cause the heartbeat and sweating. I take 40 split into 2 doses with occasional adjustment up or down according to pulse etc. Are you under a GP or self medicating? This is a treatment which can have serious dude effects if you take too much but fortunately its short half life in the body mesns you can regulate quickly. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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T3 is taken in 3 doses

i have very high cortisol at all 4 points

feeling worse now that ive statrting treatment to lower them than i did before

im under endocrinologist who wants me on 60mcg


Oh well, at least you are under supervision. I should ask the endo! Good luck.

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they say 3rd time lucky

this is my 3rd endo so fingers crossed i will get some much needed help and support......well i can dream

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