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I have been looking through old posts about constipation. For the last 6 months my gut seems to have died..I am experiencing very slow transit. I saw an endo because so far the symptoms of constipation has been my clue that my thyroid treatment was not right.I was told that I am currently over treated and slow transit /constipation is nothing to do with thyroid/hypo symptoms.

so now I am stuck.. limit what I eat to two small meals a day and not in the evening because if I eat any more my gut spasms and I have indigestion and ongoing constipation.. So my question is.. Does anyone know if magnesium might help?I'm at a loss and I want my symptoms to be easier.. This all really impacts on the quality of my life..any ideas would be really appreciated.

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  • Hello pBrain, constipation certainly figured large in my life before I started levo. How much levo do you take, any readings you can share. However, something like Mg Citrate can loosen stools, also Vitamin C, taken to bowel tolerance. Perhaps your indigestion is related to the foods you eat, or low stomach acid, all worth checking out if you have not already done so.

  • Magnesium Citrate definitely sorted out my constipation. I have always suffered with IBS so when I became hypo the constipation was terrible and I tried lots of different things but magnesium is the only thing that has sorted it. I literally never get it any more. I take solgar mag citrate 400mg daily. It is recommended thyroid sufferers take magnesium anyway and it can also help aid sleep so worth trying!

  • Brilliant thank you for do I get it? I read about people soaking in Epsom salts... I don't have that sort of time!!

  • Hollandaise and Barret here I come.

  • Wouldn't recommend it! You'd get better quality and more choice on Amazon.

    There are many different types of magnesium. Have a look here :

    And your endo is very, very wrong. Constipation is one of the first symptoms of low thyroid for most people.

  • Thank you for the link. I have had many frustrating moments and waited 3 months to have a lecture on bone density and being over medicated... Will try magnesium. My whole gut has slowed to a stop and now not working.really fed up and powerless!

  • Know the feeling! But you aren't powerless. You can take charge of your health any time you like.

    And do remember that TSH has nothing to do with bones! It's long-term high T3 that can possibly cause osteoporosis, not low TSH. :)

  • I get my solgar from Amazon, it is one of the more pricey brands but it's worth it for me as the constipation and bloating was just awful as I'm sure you know!!

  • Hi, Thanks for this recommendation... just reading the feedback comments about it on Amazon and ....(I'm at it again my sense of humour) a Mrs F has written, 'Excellent I am a regular customer '. That is more than enough proof for me that the citrate is working. Lol x

  • ha ha ha! Best laugh of the evening!

  • You are Ace x

  • :D

  • I have the opposite tendency so I use magnesium bisglycinate.I also use iron bisglycinate as it seems to suit my gut with the least "iron supplement" side effects.Using the two together works for me,alongside Ester-C,a non-acidic form of vit C.

    I buy them from Ebay shops.H&B I find a bit pricey

  • Holland and Barrett sell magnesium citrate but if you take a close look at the pill sizes in mg you will find that the Solgar works out cheaper. Maybe get Holland and Barrett first just to try and then switch to Solgar in the longer term.

  • I use "Natural calm magnesium" - a powder. Very easy to use. Mix dose with dash of hot water to dissolve and top up with cold. Can take 3 to 4 times a up slowly to see what dose suits you best.

    Amazon stock it. Comes in plain unflavoured ( tastes fine) or lemon or raspberry flavour.

  • Someone posted Isabella Wentz blog on magnesium a few says ago.

  • It could also be gluten intolerance, or lack of potassium, but of course undertreated hypothyroidism could well be the cause.

  • My friend's constipation went when she added some ndt in ... are you just on levo?

  • Hi,

    Have you tried eating lots of fibre?

    I no longer use Fybogel. Instead, I avoid starchy foods, & eat clean foods, including fresh & dried fruit, nuts, & a lot of veg every day. Salads in summer, & soup in winter: both with lots of tomatoes as they seem to be the most beneficial with regard to fibre. Tomato seeds also act as an irritant for some people, & hasten the expulsion process. I also eat kefir for probiotics & B12, which has improved my digestive system.

    Epsom salt baths are very good for pain relief & relaxation, but you'd need food quality magnesium, which probably costs a lot more, to act as a laxative.


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