Fatigue but normal weight

Hi there, I have not been diagnosed with a thyroid problem but strongly feel this could be the case as am suffering from extreme tiredness even when having a good amount of sleep. Then I might have an ok day but the next I am totally floored by tiredness as i was active the previous day. It also takes me a very long time to come round to feeling awake. But other symptoms like very dry skin, lack of drive, constipation,being cold etc. amongst some of the suggested symptoms of a hypo problem. My Mother also had thyroid cancer in her late 40,s. My question is, I don't have any weight issues, but I am very health conscious and don't eat bread or milk due to intolerance so am a slight build. Because I have had numerous thyroid tests in the pass I am very anxious about going back to the docs and because I don't have the weight symptoms could I still have a problem? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Catherine

Just a note on diet, as you already know you have food sensitivities, I would strongly recommend trying the Paleo autoimmune diet which cuts out all grains (including oats, rice, quinoa, buckwheat etc on top of the usual suspects), legumes, etc. Some variations also cut out nightshades which are problematic for some.

My daughter doesn't have a diagnosis yet (low cortisol still under investigation) but has all the same symptoms as you following severe glandular fever. I'd say there was a 20% improvement on the traditional gluten and dairy free diet and a 60% improvement overall on the Paleo autoimmune diet. I am really hoping that over time she will be able to recover 100% as her body repairs the damage caused by EBV and food sensitivities. She's currently supplementing with vitamins and minerals that are at very low levels as a result of her illness.

Others will be more helpful on the thyroid testing side of things. Good luck.

Hi there Josie,

Thank you for your diet tips. I don't feel like I have a problem towards oats, rice, etc. whereas I do have obvious symptoms with wheat and dairy, but thank you I will do some reading!

Interestingly, my daughter suspected she might have milk intolerance but, probably due to the delayed reaction, she had no idea that grains were giving her any problems.


You don't need to have weight issues - I am slim and have always been slim despite Hashimoto's - even when i was undermedicated and dead on my feet for years thanks to the NHS

Get a copy of your thyroid results and post them here. The NHS will say tests are normal just to avoid treating you ie to save on costs.

Thanks for your reply. Can you recommend exactly which tests I should ask for? I'm a bit anxious about going as feel convinced that they won't find anything (as this has been the previous case) and I'll end up feeling a nuisance. Thanks so much for your advice.

They won't do the tests you want so best to get your own through one of the providers. That way you have control of the results. T3, (the most important) , T4, TSH and antobodies

When you say one of the providers, do you mean go private?

I don't have weight issues but I'm subclinical hypothyroid. My symptoms are exactly like yours. Extreme fatigue which takes me ages to wake up in the morning. Even then I barely wake up. I have heavy stingy eyes, if I do any exercise I feel extreme fatigue the next day. I feel brain fog, weak legs... it's all day and I feel useless to my family like it. It's no fun.

Get a print out of your latest results and if you don't have any ask for a re test. With your symptoms it'll be one of the first things they'll want to test for.


Hi Julie,

Thanks for your reply. It may be nothing, as I have had the tendency to be like this as long as I can remember, but since going through peri menopause things have changed in the past few months for the worse. Did you mean they will want to test for my thyroid, sorry wasn't sure what you meant? Thanks.


Yes get another thyroid test.

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