Test results

Hi everyone can some one look at my husband's thyroid results.

sorry just standard test at docs no free results.

serum TSH 2.93 miu/L


that's it.

only questioning it because he is out of character e xtremelly irritable lately

unless he's fed up with me.lol.

I know we don't like Tsh but and I don't know how to read it but I thought tsh had to be 0 or 1.1.

Docs wanted him on antidepressants But as he explained to doctor I'm bloody irritable not suicidal.


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I would have his Iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 and VitD tested first. When low they can affect mood quite significantly..... and lots more besides.

The TSH suggests his thyroid may be struggling - again that could be due to Low B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron and VitD .....

Without the FT3 - FT4 and thyroid anti-bodies the TSH test is pretty vague. What blood test did they do to indicate he needed AD's - ?? :-)

The quick answer is non. Three times he been this week. I told him to ask for all these tests and they refused. Arrrrrrgh.

When you say struggling do you mean going under. His brother and sister both have hashimotos.

Without anti-bodies being tested it is impossible to diagnose Hashimotos.

Private Testing is available through Thyroid UK ....

Thanks my husband has supported me through out the years funding my private tests etc. Getting him to go to see a gp has been a struggle but when he realised he was acting like me strugling to walk and all the other symptoms I got him to go. When it runs in the family esp siblings I was waiting for his thyroid to start going under. Unfortunately my doctors are not good they refuse to do free t3 and free t4 testing.

I will get him to have blue horizon test.my poor kids .

Thanks Marz.

I think it's a bigger struggle to get GPs to act on the results they find. His TSH is creeping upward but the important thing are his symptoms. The advice regarding other tests are good because they do affect the thyroid. I am having a problem posting You Tube videos by David J. Clark but he has a series of 24 reasons for low thyroid symptoms. They are only five minutes but you will understand how everything is involved when problems are affecting the thyroid. I'm sure he may relate to some of them.

Heredity is only a small portion of our health. Most everything can be reversed through proper diet. Functional medicine, for example treats and gets rid of all autoimmune disease the same way.

Also can you just explain the scale of under and over to me.



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