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Keep on running - a good news post

Hello everyone

I posted a few months ago that my doctor had finally recognized my low B12 as a problem and that I was going to be treated with injections (6 as a loading dose then every three months).

I can't believe what a difference they have made and I'm finally feeling like I am getting back to normal! I've just had a thyroid blood test, I feel great so will probably show up as being over-medicated, and fingers crossed everything will be optimised!

I feel so great that I have taken on a running challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support called Out Run - where you run further and faster than you ever have before. I started to run last year and whilst it has been a very slow journey (I'm on week 4 of couch to 5K and have been for a long time) I can slowly feel myself getting stronger and having more stamina! So this month I'm trying to run a total of 31 miles, and I've already done 10!  I'm also swimming and doing yoga too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still really tired and certainly more tired than I was pre-underactive thyroid but I do feel more in control and that I can feel great if I get all my medication under control! 

So do keep plugging away at your doctor until you are properly treated - it really is worth it!!

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I am glad your B12 injections have helped a lot and you will be pleased to have such an improvement.

If at any time during your run you feel worn out. Just stop. If we aren't on an optimum of thyroid hormone replacements, exercising beyond 'normal' can deplete the T3 in our cells.

Best wishes

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Thanks for the tip Shaws! I was aware of this so I am taking it fairly easy and not pushing myself, little and often!

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Well done and am glad you can pace yourself.

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