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Thinking of swapping from levo to NDT

Hello everyone.

A while ago I bought some NDT from greater pharma, the ones just labeled (THYROID) 60mg and sold by the 1000.

After I bought them I decided to stick it out a while longer on levo because my doctor agreed to up my dose to 250mcg. This actually did clear up most of the symptoms still lingering.

After a while I tried to get my doctor to put me on T3 and drop the levo dose lower, he said he would contact the endo for advice but the endo said there was no need, my levels are perfect, I'm sure that sounds familar to many of you....

I still couldn't lose weight so I decided to increase my levo without my doctors concent to 275mcg which actually made me feel better in myself, more energy and sleeping better but still no weight loss.

So now I'm currently taking 275mcg and also on 4.5mg LDN and actually feel quite well but I'm not happy with the size of dose of levo I'm taking to get where I am so now I'm back to considering dropping levo and starting NDT.

Supplement wise I take 1000mg b12, 2000mg vit c (with my levo) multi vits, calcium and potassium but not all the time.

So my question is what is the highest dose I can start on NDT? I would rather not start really low as I don't need any more weight gain, I'm sick of being over weight.

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275mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 4.25mg NDT.  You could reduce Levothyroxine dose as you increase NDT dose.  You could start on 1 grain and reduce Levothyroxine by 75mcg.  Two weeks later increase NDT by 1/2 grain and reduce Levothyroxine by 37.5mcg and repeat until you are off Levothyroxine altogether and on 4 - 4.25 grains NDT.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


thanks once again Clutter.

I will try that then.

I'm curious though, why can't levo be dropped all at once and start NDT at 4.25 grains?



Because 4.25 grains contains 38.25mcg T3 which could be a shock to the system if you switched straight over.


I had a feeling that would be the answer.

Thanks very much for your advice Clutter, it's always very much appreciated.

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Start on a low dose of NDT  and build it up.  Most doctors will tell you to do a direct swap.  DON'T it rarely works.


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