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My 2nd lot of results Back

My 2nd lot of results Back


I have just got my results back from my Blood test I had in France

Before my TSH Ultra sensible was 5,58 uUI/ml

See below

Any idea what this means?

Thank you in advance......

I feel better and I don't sweat like I used to. It nice not to change my wet clothes throughout the day. Shame my hair and eyebrows haven't grown back and I haven't lost any weight :(

Love Nessa 

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TSH has improved and dropped to 3.44.  FT4 is slightly over range which is why you feel better.  TSH 3.44 is quite high for someone on Levothyroxine and it's unusual that FT4 is so good when TSH is high.

I can't read the antibody range so I can't tell whether antibodies are negative or positive.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Inferior à 9. It's a bit smudged.

Nessakt, your TSH is probably high because your FT3 is low. Have you tried asking them to do an FT3? They're usually quite amenable to doing that in France (no NHS!). They have no idea what it means, but just say that you understand it! lol 



Does that mean <9 is negative?


I think it does........I do feel a bit better..........especially as I had a very bad few days at the end of last week. I was aching all over I couldn't move with out the help of my Hubby. I just wanted to sleep and cry. 


But you really need to see your FT3 because although your TSH has come down, it's still too high.




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