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Got my blood results back, thoughts and advice?

Hi everybody

haven't been on here for ages, just been getting on with life

you might want to check my previous posts to see how i have been

i just got some more blood test results back today

still don't understand them all

any advice would be appreciated

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Hi Waynester,

with a TSH of 2.65 I'd be surprised if you feel really well, so if you are not feeling well you can ask for an increase in thyroid meds.

it's good your vitamin D is coming up


Hi - but my GP says I'm within normal range

and my endocrinologist that I saw recently said nothing needs doing

If I up my own dosage, my GP will say its dangerous and can cause problems


A tsh of 1 or under is preferred when on thyroxine. I think that your tsh is too high. Normal range is really just for reference, its not set in stone. It is also dangerous if you don't have enough thyroxine and will cause problems.


A lot of gps and endos can't see past the front of their noses. Personally I would be halfing one of your 50 mcg tablets and taking 75 and see how you get on. If you feel better you could tell your gp and he might prescribe more. 50 thyroxine is just a starting dose and should be increased until all of your symptoms have gone.

Jo xx


Hi High TSH is often lack of Free T3 . Make sure you have had aT4 and Free T3 test with your TSH. You may need some T3 on a script with your T4 ( Levo)Often GPs only test TSH now, costs!You may need to pay for them to get the correct treatment.



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