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Struggling with Hypothyroid symptoms

Hi There

I am Hypothyroid and have been taking Eltroxin 1.5 for the last few years. I am always tired , my hair is thinning, I have ballooned in weight and always constipated. I recently had blood tests and my doctor says I don't need any other medication - but I am convinced I do. Can anyone help interpret these results for me please:

TSH - 0.08 uIU/ml

FT3 Direct - 2.8 pmol/L

SF T4 - 7.5 pmol/L

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. I am very interested in taking NDT but need to find a doc who will prescribe it. I am in South Africa.

Many Thanks

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Hi Croeserp, welcome.

Do you have any lab reference ranges for those blood test results? The labs vary considerably so it's hard to tell whether your results look optimal or not.


Hi Jazzw - yes I do Please see below

TSH - 0.08 ( 0.35 - 4.94)

FT3 Direct - 2.8 ( 2.6 - 5.7)

SFT4 - 7.5 ( 9.0 - 19.0 )

Many Thanks


I thought that's what I'd see if you had the ranges...

You are undermedicated (tell you something you didn't know, eh?). Your FT4 is under range - there's not enough levo in your system! But unfortunately you appear to have a doctor who wants to dose according to TSH.  On levo, you're aiming to get FT3 and FT4 towards the top of their ranges. Because there's so little T4 (levo) available you don't have a chance of making enough T3 (the active thyroid hormone). 

A suppressed TSH in the absence of high FT3 and FT4 is not dangerous and won't cause osteoporosis or atrial fibrillation. 

Is there another doctor you can see?

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Thank you so much - I wanted to get an informed opinion that backed what I was thinking before I change doctors. I am changing immediately and can hopefully get it sorted out. I am going to find someone who prescribes NDT and see how that goes. Really appreciate your help !


You're welcome - keep us posted as to how it goes x


Do doctors prescribe NDT where you are? They don't where I am so I buy it off Amazon.


Hi there - I saw a doctor this morning who is willing to prescribe it . I have researched and there is a company called Medford Pharmaceuticals in Pretoria who import it. My doctor is going to call them and order some. Where are you based ?


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