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Hi. My private endo prescribed me T3 but at £292 for a 28 day dose (from the only official UK source - I won't name them here but everyone knows who they are) I can't afford to buy it. My GP refuses to accept that I need it (although hasn't tested me for it)and says its not available on the NHS anyway.  Can anyone pm a reliable source to buy it online please.

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  • Wilso,

    Liothyronine is available on the NHS but many CCGs insist on a NHS endo recommendation before GPs can prescribe it and some CCGs have banned the prescribing of it.

  • I was prescribed it by an Endo but my GP said that the CCG won't allow him to prescribe it so I have to source it myself. Clemmie

  • The only available source (AMCo) have been in the Daily Mail today about their overcharging of medication by niche companies that they have taken over.

  • niche company. Oy vey Daily Mail !

    There's nothing niche about the need that c20% of we hypos have for more T3 than we're producing. It's outrageous that there is no watchdog for generic med prices and just one of the many ways the NHS (read you and I) are being ripped off :(

  • I, personally think that AMCo are asset strippers and wonder what happened to the Prices and Incomes Board. Gone by the board no doubt.  We certainly are being ripped off Rapunzel.

  • Thank you to everyone who has offered advice following my post above.  x

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