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Good afternoon ladies and gents I'm really sorry to post again but really don't know what to do, as I've posted here previously about thyroid biopsies and peroxidase antibody blood tests,I had another biopsy on 22/4/2016 I rang hospital for results on Friday but no one was around so I had rang my gp who downloaded results and told me over the phone that there was inflammatory changes and hurthle cells please any advice on similar results appreciated,all my gp said was hurthle cells spelt it out and told me to Google it,I'm so scared that I have cancer tia xx 

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I don't know why doctors cannot explain in plain English rather than frighten the wits out of the patient. I haven't heard of hurthle cells but I'm sure if it wa serious he wouldn't have made any comment at all and left it to the specialist.


I did Google it and keeps coming up with cancer pages been stressed out last few days really wished she hadn't said anything now,it's my first wedding anniversary in 3 weeks it's meant to be a happy time, I can't eat/sleep I'm snapping at people,I mentioned it in case anyone else had been told they had hurthle cells and may be able to help xx

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I read something earlier and will try to find it again to the effect that tumour on thyroid glands aren't cancer. Here it is:

Some people who have had treatment to kill their thyroid gland and haven't got well on levo will be more than disappointed.


Thank you hunni xx 



You need to speak to the specialist who ordered your FNA for an interpretation of your results.  Your GP's behaviour is shocking.

Is the Hurthle Cell Tumor Benign or Malignant?

Like follicular tumors, there are benign Hurthle cell tumors and malignant Hurthle cell tumors, and the pathologist tells the difference between them based on invasion of the capsule and the blood vessels.  Benign Hurthle cell tumors are not a threat at all and should not come back once they are removed.

I was found to have malignant Hurthle cells after hemilobectomy and went on to have completion thyroidectomy and RAI ablatement.  I'm now in my 5th year of remisssion.


Thank you for your reply clutter, I'm going to try and speak to my consultant on Tuesday and find out the exact results, I'm not happy with my gp and I'm going to put in a complaint against her I was shocked that she asked me to Google it, I'm so happy you are doing well, im glad there is hope thank you for giving me hope xx


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