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MRI of the pituitary long does it take to get results back?


has anyone had a MRI to check for a tumor on the pituitary gland.

how long did you have to wait before you got results back

i have a under active thyroid . GP wanted me to have a MRI of my head to check pituitary gland and skull because i have been having problems with my vision ,feeling off balance ,nose bleeds ,headaches,phantom smells.

i had the MRI on the 16Th December ( i was amazed to get a Sunday appointment) at a nhs hospital in a mobile MRI unit. after scan i was told to book in with my GP for 2 weeks time . i thought that was a bit quick with it being near Christmas

i rang the doctors the next day and they said it would be two weeks to get results. but to ring after 3 weeks. that way results would be in

i rang today and told nothing is on my medical records about MRI, it will be 3 weeks on Sunday

i am not sure where the results are. they might be at doctors but GP not read them yet

GP did not think anything will show up on MRI .he just wanted to rule things out

i imagine if anything had showed up i would have been contacted by now .

my concern is more that they have lost the results.

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Depends on all sorts of things!

The actual MRI scan itself will be stored on the computer system near the scanner. This will then be copied to the doctor responsible for interpreting the scan. At least sometimes the interpreter could be on the other side of the world (literally, Australia, for one scanner near here). That doctor would send his report back within a fairly short period but, with Christmas, that could be longer than usual.

So I would guess that the interpretation would be with your surgery by now and, maybe, when you ring next week, you will be told that. Possibly make an appointment anyway because if they have not arrived your GP should be chasing them. It is a long time to keep your fingers crossed without knowing.



thanks rod

i will try and get in with GP next week .hope the results are back.if not then will ask my GP to chase them up


Just thinking, you could request a copy of the actual MRI (probably on a CD or DVD) from the people who did it. Would probably NOT have an interpretation with it. And there would be a charge.

I have seen that done and the CD came with a viewer application on it.



i did not know you could do that.

i will look it to getting that done


Interpretation can be difficult and require someone specially trained. Otherwise mis-interpretation is all too likely.

In the case I know about, the other doctor was an expert in doing so.


Thanks for that tip Helvella.

Child I spoke to you about with suspected thyroid problem and bone overgrowth is now entitled to have an MRI Scan at long last (and about time too.) Will pass on your tip about getting themselves a copy. :)


I suggest parent(s) ask at the time it is done - they might be more cooperative about any charges as it is so simple at the time. More effort afterwards.

Hope it goes well.


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Thank you Helvella,

Will do just that. :)


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