I would like some advice please

Good morning all,right here we go,I had a thyroid biopsy in Dec 15 results thy3a saw my endo in March and she said something about calcium in nodule and would see me in July,I had second biopsy April 22nd and just received a letter from hospital stating it's now a thy3f and something about hurthle cells but stated in letter it's not cancer,and appointment for surgeon next week, can I ask for my reports and also a second opinion, and possibly a watch and wait, and maybe have another biopsy in say 6 months, or has anyone had the radioactive therapy before surgery, I feel fine I only have a small goitre which isn't causing a problem, any advice would be appreciated tia xx

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Diagnostic hemilobectomy (removal of one lobe) is recommended for patients with thy3f as cytology alone can't rule out or confirm malignancy but a larger histology sample from the removed nodule will enable a conclusive diagnosis.  I believe thy3f result is usually discussed and confirmed with a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of thyroid surgeons, radiologists and pathologists across several hospitals.


Radioactive iodine ablatement (RAI) isn't an option pre surgery.  Its likely you'll only need removal of the lobe on which the nodule is situated (hemilobectomy).  RAI would destroy the entire thyroid gland.  RAI may be used post thyroidectomy to ablate remnant thyroid cells which may be malignant but is usually restricted to thyCa patients with high risk of recurrence and risk is based on cancer type, size of tumour and age of patient.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Thank you for your comment hunni,when I spoke to my gp on Friday he mentioned a total thyroidectomy im so scared my biggest phobia is surgery, I'm going to see my gp this afternoon see what more information ℹ can get x


Surgeon will know more than your GP.

I had hemilobectomy followed by completion thyroidectomy 3 months later.  The surgeries were without complication and I had very little post op pain.  The hospital provided copious amounts of pain relief in hospital and to take home but I needed very little of it.  

Hi I've been to see my doctors and the biopsy showed no cancer it was benign though they wanted to operate I'm case of future changes, so I think when I see surgeon next week will ask for a watch and wait approach what do you think tia xx 

I was told that in the States they use the method of watch and see but that in the UK the protocol is to operate and check for cancer. If no cancer cells are found, then they don't take out the half of the thyroid which was left.

In my opinion, if your thyroid doesn't "misbehave", I'll just wait and see. Even if it's cancer, it's not similar to breast cancer, for example, when one wouldn't postpone having an operation.

Thank you for your reply hunni, I feel perfectly fine the only thing is a small goitre which isn't causing a problem, they have told me it's not cancer, that they want to do a total thyroidectomy in case of future changes,so I can't see a problem with wait and see approach for a couple of months x

I've been just following my own advice ☺ for about 2 years. From what I read, one can end up with more problems by touching the thyroid than if one waits and sees what happens.

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