What is wrong with my tongue??

My tongue is so dry that I am literally having to peel it off the roof of my mouth every few minutes, drinking water to loosen it because it is stuck there. I'm finding eating hard as food ends up under my tongue if my tongue dries up mid bite/chew. It also appears to be really fat and has the imprint of my teeth all the way around it. Does anyone else get this? It's really uncomfortable and making me feel a bit anxious about catching my breath (I know that sounds silly but I feel like it's blocking my throat a bit). Thanks

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  • Before I was diagnosed with under active hypo, I use to wake up at night with my mouth so parched, that my tongue felt like dried leather. Took quite a few mouthfuls of water to loosen the mouth a bit, all to happen again when I awoke in the morning. A side effect of hypo is a swollen tongue, where the tongue feels too big for the mouth and, also, because of lack of saliva, food becomes difficult to chew and swallow. A trip to your docs to have a blood test mentioning your health problems seems a good idea.

  • Hi I had a swollen tongue and very sore mouth before I was diagnosed as hypo. My TSH was 79 at the time so it is definitely a hypo symptom. Mine is now ok. I think you need a new blood test to check your thyroid levels.

  • Hi again. I've just had a look at your previous questions and see you have an appt with an Endo soon. Your levels are lowish so with this and your tongue symptoms I hope you will get a proper diagnosis. Good luck let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks for this, I didn't know whether it was a thyroid thing, it's only started happening the last few weeks or so and is getting worse fairly quickly. I'll make sure I mention it in case it is related x

  • Seen the 'scalloped tongue mentioned a few times.. here's a search on 'tongue', might give some insight


    It might be worth investigating 'Sjogrens' - several members also have this, I think you can get saliva substitutes to help. Of course I'm just saying in case it helps, I hope it's just a temporary thing. Best wishes Jane :D

  • You could be undermedicated. Tongue problems are a clinical symptom as well as the others on this list. Tick ones which refer to you and give to your GP. If we are on optimum medication, we should not have any symptoms (for some that may be a fairy tale).


  • funny I was just looking at the symptom list to check - I couldn't remember!

    I used to wake up with an un co-operative fat tongue (un-medicated) so it could be Vit D or B12 related too. J :D

  • The Wiki article on enlarged tongue has the positive feature of mentioning a range of conditions which can cause pie crust tongue (for some reason, my preferred name) - so we don't fall into the trap of assuming "must be thyroid".



    Although my TSH was only 5 and my FT4 was still in range, I did have some tongue enlargement, a distinct pie crust effect, and often a sore tip of tongue. I keep having to pinch myself - "Did I really have that <symptom>?" Luckily for me, most issues improved enormously with levothyroxine.


  • my tongue has been swollen fro some time tho I never noticed it until a dr pointed it out recently.could be why I have difficulty swallowing and cant say certain words properly??no one(gp) has suggested it is either thyroid or lupus

  • You need to go to your doctor with this tongue problem there could be something else going on with you, do you get dry sore eyes or very dry skin ?

    I am under active thyroid & at the present being checked for Sjogrens.......I was so dry I was awaking with blood in my mouth.

    I took photo's of my tongue with my mobile not a pretty site but the doctor couldn't say it was all in my head when he had the photo's in front of him.

    Try chewing sugar free gum, you must pay thorough attention when cleaning your teeth, you can get special toothpaste (Biotene) the doctor can prescribe a mouth spray.

    I feel really lethargic with it to extreme exhaustion it's miserable, I do hope you feel better soon. Jillymo x

  • hello jillymo it was a dr that first noticed.have sjogrens/thyroid /lupus symptoms btu dr wont recognise them

    have appt on Monday and photos to show him tho not sure he will look

  • They need to do further testing to see what is going on, the bloods do not always show Lupus or Sjogrens.......this is something I am having problems with.

    Gp's can be so stubborn, stuff the photo's under his nose then he has got to look at them.

    You can always get a second opinion if you get no joy I also have lupus & sjogrens symptoms, I have had one positive borderline lupus result.

    It is hard work battling with consultant & Gps when your feeling so poorly.

    I wish I new how to put the photos of me when very poorly on here for others to comment on, dont give up. Jillymo x

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