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NDT and rising Hashi antibodies?

Just asking:  my buddy sent me her blood test results earlier this week.  She's seeing someone who prescribes NDT.  Last year I had suggested she mix and match because her fT4 was low.  But this doctor refuses to prescribe levothyroxine.  At that time the antibodies were mildly elevated.  Now they are over 180.  Top of range is 35. And both her fT4 and fT3 are rock bottom of range.  

Aside from I think her diet is problematic:  her red blood cell count is below range, her hemotocrit is below range although her ferritin is okay, not stellar.  She has not sent me her hemoglobin information but she is anemic.

But my question is:  does NDT cause antibodies to rise or is her situation independent of whatever she's taking?  Her NDT dose is very inadequate and this doctor has increased the dose to test in 6 weeks.  

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It depends what is driving her elevated antibodies.

All thyroid meds have their own requirements to work efficiently, but I read although considered the best by many NDT can be notoriously hard to tolerate as holds no sympathies to iron & cortisol inadequacies and elevated antibodies. Many with deficiencies do better on a T4/T3 mix.

If you friends diet is wrong perhaps she should read about the thyroid/gluten connection and how thyroid hormones requires iron, cortisol,and selenium to work.

I hope she feels better soon.


Hashimoto triggers


Gluten-thyroid connection



Thyroid hormones requires iron, cortisol and selenium.


I know she was gluten free for years although who knows if she was consistent..  Aside from a deteriorating thyroid situation, there may be something else going on.  


I had TgAb 100 times above range & after a year on NDT they came back to within range. There is some talk of NDT not being suitable for Hashi's but as almost all hypo is autoimmune in origin that would exclude almost everyone. 

It worked for me

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