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Husband's low b12

Hi everybody, I posted on here recently about my husband's low b12 result(181)  the range being 180-900. Went to the doc's with him as he was also7 on his t3.

Doc has put him on 5mcg of carb twice daily, with the advice of going back to see him in 4 weeks. Also ordered a scan as he has a goitre.

He wouldn't give him any b12 injections as he said he was "within range" I tried to tell him that he was really slow mentally and physically, but it didn't sink in!

I have been giving him two 5000mgm of methyl tablets. Do you think that will be enough, or too much?

He did test for if and coeliac which came back negative( I got print out of the results before we went)

Any advice anybody please, just want to get him back to near normal. I have enough aggro with my hashi's. I really don't think he has any idea of the situation, or that he will be on thyroid meds for the rest of his life.

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Is hubby keeping the B12 lozenge under his tongue so it is taken up by the micro-circulation ?  Best not to chew it.  Also take a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance.  You may wish to research Methylfolate v Folic Acid - the first being natural and the second synthetic.

Your GP is a numpty if he does not know that B12 Deficiency can become a neurological condition if left untreated.  Many Docs have been known to leave people untreated and when they are really bad - say they have Parkinsons or MS - so prevention is better than cure.  I should know - as I live every day with numb legs and feet caused by spinal cord issues - and that was with years of a B12 level around the 300 mark.  We live and learn - and I now have weekly injections ....

Being negative for Coeliac does not mean he is not gluten sensitive.  B12 is metabolised in the Terminal Ileum - where the small bowel meets the large.  So something is going on.

Have you seen the Guidelines for for Folate and B12 deficiency ??  Obviously your GP hasn't .....

Am not a medic - just a Hashi's girl with a B12 issue .....


Try posting on pernicious anaemia board for more advice re treatment of B12 deficiency. Basically if someone is symptomatic (even within range) and under 200, then BCSH guidelines say to treat, even with negative antibodies as the test only picks up 50% cases.

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You might want to consider getting hold of adenosyl B12 as well.

The body needs two forms of B12 - methyl and adenosyl.  Some can convert methyl to adenosyl and some can't.

You can't overdose on B12 but if it is an absorption problem then best to be trying to get B12 in using sublinguals (tabs or sprays), nasal sprays or skin patches - all using different membranes outside the gut for absorption.  They don't work for everyone though.

As Marz says your GP is a bit ignorant when it comes to B12 - can't go on numbers need to look at symptoms.

These links may help - and I'd recommend joining the PAS forum




Thats crazy your husband must be properly tested for Pernicous aneamia inc Intrinsic factor

See utube by DR Chandry and PA forum


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