HRT and salivary cortisol test

Do I need to stop my HRT before undertaking a salivary cortisol and DHEA test? I can't find anything which says to but I have read that HRT and OCP should be stopped for six weeks prior to a short syntacthen test. 

I know I should stop my nasal steroids for a couple of weeks before, and ditch the zinc supplements, but is there anything else? I want as true a picture as possible. Lower salt intake?


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  • To be on the safe side I'd ask Genova. I've always found them to be very helpful.

  • I did. They told me "Genova are not allowed to advise any patient to stop taking any medication. Please refer to your referring practitioner for advice regarding this matter." (I did ask directly whether I should stop taking my HRT.) :(

    Have now emailed again with reformulated question of which medications are known to affect the result enough to give false readings. But may have burnt that particular bridge already!

  • Oh wow! But I suppose it's understandable as we are supposed to go through a 'practioner' for these tests. My query wasn't anything like yours so the reply I got was helpful. Sorry they can't help you. Hopefully someone else will come along with the answer.

  • hose,

    You don't need to stop thyroid meds to do a saliva stress test.

    Below is a link detailing all sups and other meds that might affect the cortisol result.

  • Thanks. Wasn't thinking of stopping thyroid meds, just wanted to know if HRT was a thing.

  • ooh yeh... sorry hose. I don't know but haven't read that you should.

  • My HRT includes DHEA and Genova said they couldn't process sex hormone results as the results would be wrong (they also didn't charge). I got a weird DHEA result, but the cortisol results were about what I expected. No way could I stand to stop the meds - I'd feel appalling. I once cut the dose down by 50% for three days and I really noticed the difference.

  • Thanks. Mine doesn't (Evorel Conti) but I'll take the patch off for a couple of days just to be on the safe side. Which HRT are you on, out of interest?

  • Bioidentical made up specifically for me. So not a brand.

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