Tingling tongue etc!

Anyone with Hypo have a tingling tongue, nausea, lightheaded and blurred vision? This has recently started since meds were reduced in the last 6 weeks. Due blood in test in 2 weeks.GP will only test for TSH so I have ordered tests from Blue Horizon, hoping to get to the bottom of my problems.

An hour after taking Levo I get these feelings which come and go over the day. Have recently had a lot of UTI's and now supposedly getting over a kidney infection. 

Thanks for anyone who can throw any light on this would be great.

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  • It might well be to the reduction in levo. If doctors took more notice of the symptions, i.e. ask patient 'how are you feeling' and if patient has symptoms give a rise of levo. If patient says I'm fine' they don't need increase but to adjust doses due only upon the TSH usually means trouble for the patient.

    Get a new blood test now, don't wait another two weeks just say you are feeling unwell and need a test.

  • Thanks shaws, the thing is I felt as though I was being overdosed but not sure now which way it should go, up or down. Yes will get test done.

  • I've have  these symptoms all the time,  not the nausea,  but the rest incl tingling all over my body,  no matter what my TSH/T4 levels are and no matter what does of levo I'm on,  50, 75 or 100 mgs.  It's soul destroying and slowly ruining my life :(

    You have my sympathies x

  • Thanks kyoto49 for replying. I feel for you, are you overdosed, maybe? I am thinking that is what's wrong with me.

    I am going to post again with symptoms as things got worse.

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