still not feeling to good on ndt

Hi i have Hashimotos and have been on WP for a few months now was taking 2grains had blood tests and needed to increase because of antibodies being high so increased slowly to 2 and a half grains but do not feel any better i don't want to do anything lost all interest in everything just want to sit around have even lost all joy in my grandchildren have kept at it as i know it can take a while to feel better  but don't think i am going to feel any better feel like i did on Thyroxine, have been in lots of joint pain so doctor had more blood tests done and results came back as gout in all my joints, have tried Thyroid-s but did not do anything for me would another NDT be any better ? 

  Thanks in advance

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  • Foxyeyes, before doing anything else, you need to get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested. Because if they aren't optimal, then nothing is going to work.

    Do you have copies of your blood test results? If so, post them on here - with the ranges- and let people see what's going on. Always, always ask for a print-out of your results - it's your legal right to have one - and it's the first step in taking charge of your own health. :) 

  • did put them on here a few weeks ago will do it again

  • Ok, so just read that post - didn't catch it when you first posted it. So, you have Hashis, so it's normal that you are getting slowly worse as more and more of your gland is destroyed. 

    However, your B12 was very low. Have you been supplementing that? I didn't see any result for vit D, though. 

  • Hi Greygoose have been supplementing B12  with boost it says 4 sprays a day which i have been doing GP did complete blood test as i was complaining about the pain in joints and vit d was 45.7  range is 30-50 so has given me vit d3 800u to take twice a day.

    Many thanks  xx

  • Well, that's good. But it will take time to feel the benefits, so hang on in there! :)

  • Thanks Grey goose will do my best don't know what we would do with out this site .


  • When you began NDT. did you raise it slightly every two weeks until you felt better?

    This might be helpful:-

  • yes felt well at first but symptoms came back will have a look at link 

  • Hi Shaws have looked at link think i will get her book 

  • There are good topics on her site too, down the right-hand side.

  • Thanks Shaws have had a look at some of them.


  • Apple cider vinegar, the unpasturised stuff with the mother  is brilliant for relieving gout.    I drink it mixed with apple juice, sone take it with water and others drink it neat.......

    Well worth a try.....

    G xx

  • Hi Galathea did look it up and have ordered some so will give it a go.

    Many thanks xx

  • I'm currently taking wp thyroid.  I need to get my blood tested again but at the mo I am on three grains.  I have been told that I may need to add some t4 to my wp thyroid meds.  I would get some blood work done see what your ft4/3 levels are like you may be undermedicated. 

    also as someone else said get your vit d levels tested etc.  I felt so much better when I started adding vit d,k2 and a small amount of calcium tablets.

  • Thanks Kalel vit d levels were low so GP gave me supplements have just started them had bloods done 3rd of march by BH did post them had some feedback regarding them.

    Many thanks

  • foxyeyes make sure that you take the cofactors that go with vit d.  You need to take vit d and k2 together.  Some people will also tell you to take small amount of calcium  if you need to find any more info about cofactors look online.

  • Thanks Kalel will have a look many thanks for info.


  • no prob.  :)

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